MSJE picket

UPDATE (8:18 p.m.): The school board voted 3-2 not to transfer Curtis from MSJE. Trustees Ivy Wu, Lily Mei and Larry Sweeney voted not to move her. Trustees Bryan Gebhardt and Lara York were the “no” votes.

The regular board meeting also started nearly 1.5 hours late — a new record! I don’t know if the hold-up was due to the board not coming to an agreement over this decision or if it had to do with another issue.


(ORIGINAL ENTRY): Here’s a photo that someone submitted from Tuesday’s picket at Mission San Jose Elementary. A group of parents say their principal, Bonnie Curtis, is being forced to transfer to another campus, even though the administrator said it ultimately was her decision. Read the full story by clicking here.

The school board is scheduled to vote on the possible reassignment tonight.


Linh Tat


  1. Uh oh, Squid – better watch out – those fringy protesters are out again! They look scary to me – some of them may have also been anti-stadium. Boo!

  2. You nailed it again…Fremont Lifer. I am sure squid has taken cover….LOL !——–>

  3. I hope that the school Board eventually does what is right and gets a Principal in to Durham that has all the qualifications of Ms. Curtis, plus some. The parents of Durham will be watching this one closely. Our parents pay taxes just like Mission, but our kids attend a school (no child left behind) that has been slated for improvement and now Mission parents have blocked a qualified principal from transfer to Durham with the help of Lili and Ivy on the School Board (they live in Mission). Amazing.

  4. Durham has had 3 principals in recent years too guys. We have no stability either and all the same points can be made (but worse). We’ve received 2 that were ready to retire. Both schools/parents want the same thing, so we get it. It’s too bad that the Mission parents don’t ever beat their drums to help all children in Fremont schools instead of just your small community. That’s great you are keeping your Principal, but there’s another school in your town full of kids that suffer. While your school has 88% performing at Advanced, Durham has 8%. Do you think Durham children are getting the same education as yours? I think not. How would you feel to be on our side? I hope the Mission parents decide to share some of their enthusiasm/passion to help Durham kids too….show that you aren’t selfish Mission and that you are willing to help kids of all walks…not just your own.

  5. They make more money than you do, they live in bigger hoses than you do, they drive more expensive cars than you do, and they are better than you. They have proven it yet again. They are the chosen ones.

  6. Even Mission has a lot of middle-class people who drive the regular cars like taurus,camry,accord etc, not the expensive ones as claimed by you. Do not try to divide people by playing one neighborhood against another one. The bottom-line is, parents should get involved in kids education, even President Obama repeatedly tells people.
    Once parents get involved in kids education, the scores of any school improve. There is so much a teacher or principal can do for any school.

  7. There is a huge opportunity sitting on the Fremont political table for any group or faction that wishes to seize it.

    The current political status quo is dependant on a huge lethargy on the part of a vast majority of voters. A very small percentage of voting contingency are responsible for granting of the current political power base.

    That power base and its resulting influence could shift very quickly if even a small but critical mass of voters decided to consolidate their votes and align behind initiatives and candidates which are responsive to *their* needs.

  8. As an extension on Box’s comments, any candidate who pledges to have my street repaved their first week in office and promises to keep the hills above Fremont green year round by irrigation will get my vote.

  9. Bbox231….you are right, there’s only a small fraction of Fremont that votes for School Board members & what it boils down to is that we’ll be much more careful in the future to get the word out in our district to vote for School Board members. One would like to think that all of our kids are treated fairly, but that isn’t what’s happening. There’s another 3/4 of the town that is in non-mission based districts. Mission parents are very involved & therefore do well when voting time comes along with marketing their local campaigners. The rest of us should take notice and realize all parents need to be involved. This isn’t a “mission vs kennedy” or any other district thing. This is about inequities currently being carried out at the hands of the School Board. I agree there is an opporunity sitting on the Fremont political table and if I have anything to do about it, we will have a more balanced Board that represents all the children of Fremont moving forward. Look in any town that has a more afluent section and you will see an unbalanced school board. This happens in Monterey/Seaside…happens in New York…it’s all over. Parents just need to be more involved across the Board so all the kids benefit. Okay…done ranting!

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