No more outdoor smoking at Fremont restaurants

Remember me? I used to be a blogger. Sorry for the paucity of posts and lame attempt at alliteration.  I’ve been busy with other stuff and had to cut out something. I’ll be blogging more regularly again in a few weeks.

I tried to do a live council blog last night, but had some technical difficulties. Too bad. It was a mildly amusing meeting. The only news is that the council passed the first draft of an ordinance to ban restaurants from allowing outdoor smoking. Restaurants had been able to designate half of their outdoor seating for smoking, but that’ll change for good in early December when the new law goes into effect.

I tried to find some angry smokers today, but only landed one guy with an opinion but no name, and a lass with no opinion. Oh well.

Matt Artz


  1. Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If the Council votes on 1000 issues a year, they’re going to get one right from time to time even if it’s just by chance.

    Don’t worry about not posting, Matt. When you’re not here we all pretty much talk about whatever we want regardless of the original topic and eventually end up back on the stadium – again. It seems all roads lead back there. Maybe once the 2010 local campaigns start we’ll be able to shoot that dead horse.

    Given the restrictions that smokers live under now, I assumed they were all angry, or at least aggravated.

  2. You want an opinion?

    I would like to see a serious ordinance that would outlaw smoking on restaurant and coffee shop patios. On nice days when I want to sit out in front of Starbucks, Peets, Panera and numerous other spots the outdoor seating is hogged by at least one smoker making the entire area an unpleasant place for the rest of us.

    I’m fine with people smoking in their homes, cars or walking down the sidewalk (as long as they don’t throw their butts on the street). Speaking of that smokers in their cars who dangle their arms out of the car between drags and flick their ashes on the street need to be ticketed. They start fires, they litter and they annoy the rest of us.

  3. xo1rider GO HUG A TREE!! If you think the Cops in this town should write tickets for that you must be smoking dope.

  4. Smalls, What do you mean “go hug a tree”. I am a tree hugger and I have never smoke, careful with your NOT well thought out insults

  5. Yea it’s about time. No To Smoking In Public Places period. Smoke at home or in your own car and stop giving other people second hand cancer.And Smalls take anothther buff on your hooka.

  6. Thank God they are finally doing something. I wish they would outlaw smoking at apartments. It is horrible I have someone below me who smokes and it comes into my bedroom window and my patio window. I get soo sick from the smell. I have enough health issues. I think it is rude.


    And no I am not a tree hugger. I am just concerned for my health.

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