FUSD superintendent search

In the first of what most likely will be a series of special meetings to discuss the search for a new superintendent, the Fremont school board on Tuesday decided it would look at external candidates as well as current district employees (at least for now). The last time the board conducted a full search was in 2002, when it eventually hired John Rieckewald, an outsider, as schools chief. The two superintendents after him were hired from within the district.

Milt Werner, the current superintendent who’s retiring in June, said he favored a thorough search. “Without question, we have excellent internal candidates, but it’s healthy” to do a search, he said. “It looks long; it looks arduous, but you have more than 32,000 kids on your hands. You have an awesome responsibility.”

During the meeting, the head of the district’s management association said the group would like the board to conduct a full search to ensure it was not overlooking qualified candidates. Meanwhile, the president of the California School Employees Association said an internal candidate was preferred and singled out Parvin Ahmadi, assistant superintendent of instruction, as “excellent.”

Neither Ahmadi nor the other two assistant superintendents have said if they’ll apply.

It’s not clear yet how much hiring a firm to conduct a search would set the district back. The board tentatively is scheduled to vote Monday (during its joint meeting with the City Council) whether to advertise that it’s looking to hire a search firm.





Linh Tat


  1. Mission High had a lock-down this morning, suppose it will be in the paper on Thursday. The MSJHS web site has this brief report:

    “The Lockdown put in place at Mission San Jose High School at 10:55 a.m. has been lifted. The lockdown was put in place by Fremont Police Department after receiving a suspicious call. The campus was immediately secured and after 13 minutes the lockdown was lifted. Staff and students cooperated fully and the normal schedule resumed.”

  2. Having spoken with Parvin Ahmadi before and seen her speak at many board meetings, I think she’d make a great superintendent. The question is, would she stick around and would the board create a compensation package that ties her down?

  3. DO NOT hire Parvin Ahmadi who is part of the insider staff for so many years. It is better to hire an outsider who can make the staff accountable to FUSD tax-payer residents.

  4. I’m surprised there is no report in the Argus about the lock-down on Mission High that happened Wednesday.

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