Shah gets first endorsement; AC Transit director compares him to Obama

Check out Ishan Shah’s web site. The 17-year-old Mission High Senior/City Council candidate has his first legit political establishment endorsement.

AC Transit Director and former Fremont School Board member Jeff Davis had this to say about Shah:

I have had extensive private time with a remarkable very young man who has the audacity, at the age of 17, to be running for City Council. He does not yet have the same level of gravitas that lifelong politicians have. That will only come with time. That said, I am terribly impressed with this young man, and told my mentor John Dutra this as well. I wonder what Obama was like at 18… My bet is he was something like Ishan.

I thought Obama was doing coke at 18. Or was that Bush? I forget.

Anyway, Shah is old enough to  remember that voters don’t always listen to Davis. During his 2006 run for AC Transit Board, he told constituents to vote against him because he really didn’t know much about buses.

He won anyway.

Matt Artz