Shah gets first endorsement; AC Transit director compares him to Obama

Check out Ishan Shah’s web site. The 17-year-old Mission High Senior/City Council candidate has his first legit political establishment endorsement.

AC Transit Director and former Fremont School Board member Jeff Davis had this to say about Shah:

I have had extensive private time with a remarkable very young man who has the audacity, at the age of 17, to be running for City Council. He does not yet have the same level of gravitas that lifelong politicians have. That will only come with time. That said, I am terribly impressed with this young man, and told my mentor John Dutra this as well. I wonder what Obama was like at 18… My bet is he was something like Ishan.

I thought Obama was doing coke at 18. Or was that Bush? I forget.

Anyway, Shah is old enough to  remember that voters don’t always listen to Davis. During his 2006 run for AC Transit Board, he told constituents to vote against him because he really didn’t know much about buses.

He won anyway.

Matt Artz


  1. I wonder how many Gillig employees and employees in the Gillig supply chain ride AC Transit to get to and from work.

    There’s little doubt about how many Van Hool employees use AC Transit.

  2. Matt, what dumb things did you do at 18? It wasn’t that long ago – surely you remember them. At least Obama’s honest – does that bother you?

    First Bush refused to confirm or deny his cocaine use. Later he would say only that “when I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible.” Next he said that the issue wasn’t relevant. Then he said that he wouldn’t address “rumors.” Then he said that he could pass a standard security check dating back seven years. Finally, he said that he could have passed the security check in his father’s White House.

    Bush’s handling of the cocaine question illustrates how he dealt with embarrassing mistakes – obfuscate and side-step, dodge, hedge and fail to be frank.

    In February 2004, Eric Boehlert in Salon Magazine reported that Bush’s cessation of flying in April 1972 and his subsequent refusal to take a physical examination came at the same time the Air Force announced a Medical Service Drug Abuse Testing Program.

    For the record, George Bush has three arrests on his record:

    The first arrest was for theft at a hotel.
    The second arrest was for disorderly conduct.
    The third arrest was for drunk driving.

    Also FTR, Laura Bush (nee Welch), at age 17, ran a stop sign, struck and and killed her boyfriend. To this day, the full accident report has not been released by the Midland, Texas PD.

    We all did dumb stuff. We didn’t all kill people.

  3. It’s amazing how alike the Bush and Obama presidencies are turning out, and it’s not limited to early-life drug addiction as Lifer so uselessly points out.

    Both have funneled a tremendous amount of wealth to the top 1%, Bush in the form of tax rate cuts for the top brackets, and Obama in the form of a no strings attached $13 trillion bailout to Wall St.

    Both have no control over the ideologues in their administrations. With Bush it was the hawks and neocons who talked him into starting the Iraq war. With Obama it’s the hard leftists whose petty grudges against the opposition have derailed his presidency to the point of near lame duck status. And even though Obama is smart enough to have eliminated Anita Dunn and Van Jones, it has revealed that he is as easily controlled (if more easily) than Bush was…

    Both are handled and controlled by people much smarter and experienced in the craft of screwing Americans. Bush was controlled by the established middle east war apparatus, and Obama has been controlled by a small group of crony capitalists who have devised the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.

    Both admins had/have Attorney Generals who circumvent the process of law and instead run clandestine campaigns against free speech.

    Both administrations have made organized attempts at stifling dissent to the point of marginalizing their detractors as unpatriotic and anti-American.

    Both are completely ineffective at articulating the methodology for their large policy endeavors. With Bush it was the reasons for war, with Obama it is the necessity of health care reform.

    Both had/have the benefit of a defeated and ineffectual opposition party during their reign.

    And, as many here on the TCB and abroad point out with diligence, both presidents had/have large sums of faithful dullards whose blind support and admiration enables them to run rampant in their course of failure.

    By the way, congrats Ishan. You can do better than Obama.

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