Fremont to make Argus a bit less relevant

Fremont is touting a new Community Alert System, which won’t just be used for emergencies. The city plans to use it to give information about big deals like earthquakes and wildfires, as well as smaller deals like road closures, missing persons and happening events, if there ever is one.

Supposedly this system is a lot better than the old one. It can target specific areas with info about crime waves or school lockdowns.

If you’re into that kind of thing you can sign up for the alerts at www.fremont.gov/communityalert.

Or you can rely on your daily newspaper and its frequently updated web site, www.theargusonline.com, which is sure to have the information just as fast and with only a few more spelling mistakes. For pristine spelling and up-to-the-minute news check out Ben Aguirre’s twitter posts.

Matt Artz

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