Matt Artz


  1. I enjoy the fact that the rail line is there, but it is one of the biggest ripoffs in the bay area.

  2. Are you complaining about the ticket prices? Land use? What?

    If you are going to make a snarky comment about a non-profit supported by a large number of volunteers, please don’t be vague about it.

  3. Bruce, I think the train is interesting and gives life to Niles during the holidays. But I also think $100 for a family of 4 to ride this train is ridiculous. If that’s what they have to charge, so be it.

  4. OK, thanks for clarifying your opinion. My family thinks it is worth it for a once a year event, but we also thought it was worth it to take a train from London to York to visit the National Railway Museum.

    I’m sure they’ll be looking at prices and options if they don’t fill the trains…

  5. Marty, Have you rode the train. Do you know,it is a non profit organization. Do you know they are laying track to go into Pleasanton. Where do you think the money comes from?
    Where can a family of four go for under a $100, A’s game, Raiders game, the Nutcracker.
    Marty are you a grinch?

  6. They can ride the Santa Cruz Rail train of lights for $72 and still have money left over for a light dinner. Just saying.

    Bill, I just don’t see the draw. Just a matter of preference my friend.

  7. Wow!
    You all take your trains seriously.
    I miss the Trainshop in great mall; that was nice for kids.

    Trains are like Airplanes, look good from outside, but once inside, it’s just a box, unless you are the engineer/pilot

  8. We are skipping it this year due to the price. $75 for two adults and a 3 year old for a 90 minute train ride just isn’t in the budget for us this year.

    Grandparents are taking the little guy instead.

    I did notice that the tickets leaving from Sunol were going much faster than those leaving from Fremont. Possible disparity in income between those for whom Sunol is close and those that live closer to the Niles stop? Just a thought…

  9. We intended to get Sunol tickets, but got Niles tickets by mistake. In Sunol, you can park right next to the tracks, it is a bit crowded but straightforward. I’m not sure how it works in Niles, but we will find out this time.

    Our kids love trains, it is infectious. Not sure how much longer it will last with them, so we are indulging it for now.

    To me a train ride is more scenic than most plane rides. I can name some exceptional flights where I’ve been plastered to the window: Idaho in November when the aspens turn color, Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in a DeHaviland Twin Otter flying not too high, and over Greenland on a clear day. But a lot of flights you can’t see much. We always enjoy the Sunol train rides, guess we just like cruising along and seeing the sights.

  10. We love the NCRY. We’ve rented the caboose a couple of times for birthday parties (the party ends on time, the kids stay engaged with the scenery, and you don’t have to clean up the house).

    There’s a lot of railroad history around here, and trains are one of those things that interest both young and old. I won’t be able to make it to the train of lights this year, but we’re going to the train expo at the County fair on thanksgiving. We’re taking the car with the front license plate and no tinting…

  11. Guess what, you can get tote bags and DVD collections a heck of a lot cheaper in real life than you can from PBS pledge drives… It’s not a ticket “price” it’s a donation to a non-profit during a holiday fund-raiser.

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