Nordstrom Rack and a big development are on hold for Fremont

A new shopping center planned for the way south side of town, off of I-880 is on hold, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Creekside Landing was finally going to give Fremont the Nordstrom it so modestly deserves: The Rack. It also would have  given Fremont as many Targets as Applebees. But the developer’s partner bailed, so now it’s on hold indefinitely.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt – your slipping, how does the king of the double entendre miss this obvious opportunity ? I kept waiting . . . . but left empty handed.

    No toungue in cheek about the myriad crowds a good “Rack” could have drawn ??

    Ant his story misses on two fronts – – – – No mob or NIMBY crowds we can hold accountable for chasing THIS development out of town, ad nauseum ?

    (Of course not – – – Who in their right mind would oppose a NEW Rack ??!!)

  2. I read last week that Target had put plans for a store in Scotts Valley on hold. Kohl’s seems to be the only chain in an expansion mode.

  3. Let me ease my way back into this, bbox. I don’t want too many people wishing I was still on break.

  4. No mob chased this development out of town because it was tailored to their exact needs: Warm Springs/Mission housewives spending their husbands money.

  5. Are you saying mob = Warm Springs/Mission Housewives = women spending husbands’ money = shopping lovers ? What a stereotype and how utterly untrue !

  6. As you know it is a fact that the fringe mob/NIMBYs killed the A’s coming to Fremont …THEY should be held accountable for the lost tax revenue and lost jobs that would have come our community. I say lets tax them excessively for their blunder! Nummi is closing and we will lose 4,000 jobs that won’t be coming back soon.A major league franchise would have taken the sting out of the Nummi closure and put Fremont on the map…holy bacon,bacon bacon! We need to get off the bus GUS and make a new plan.Riddle me this… Who in their right mind would oppose a Major league sports franchise coming to their community ??!!)

  7. Swamp Squid,
    The Fringe Mob / Nimbys were in the Majority, you are the fringe / minority. You just sound like the majority but believe me you are not.
    But, keep up your amusing posts

  8. You guys still going on about this? From asking around, it seemed the majority did not care much either way. A minority wanted it badly; a larger minority hated the idea.

  9. The overwhelming majority of Fremont residents wanted the A’s here. Any thought to the contrary is amusing to say the least.
    Alas, I’m as upset with A’s ownership as I am with the NIMBY joy-killers. Lew should have put up a fight instead of giving in. Shame on Lew and shame on the NIMBY Mob!
    That said, why doesn’t Warm Springs and the Mission San Jose area just go ahead and secede from Fremont? Hey,,it worked for Newark! It worked for Piedmont! Go away NIMBYs!

  10. Regardless of how many wanted it, the departure of the A’s to Fremont signaled the turn for Fremont from growth to stagnation. From here on out, Fremont will continue to lose business, prosperity, and opportunities for its citizens. Hope you’re all happy!

  11. I am really tired of continuous seeing people blame the bad economic because of a ballpark not being built.

    If so, you should write a paper about it. Maybe that will win you a Nobel Prize. Or maybe Federal should put all the stimulus money for building ballparks all over the United States, in that we can get out of this downturn ASAP.

  12. Yes, Jon, it is silly to still be flogging this dead horse, isn’t it? Sometimes it appears that all topics of discussion lead ultimately back to the stadium proposal.

    Only citizen involvement and the passage of time will show us what will happen in Fremont’s future. Can’t we work together to identify areas of mutual agreement, elect intelligent leadership and encourage responsible development?

  13. As you know Lifer and the goons have already killed that dead horse. Gertrude Stein once said “The trouble with Oakland is that when you get there, there isn’t any there there.” and thanks to the misguided actions of the fringe you can now say the same thing about Fremont. Our city could have been a contender. It could’ve been something, instead of a boring bedroom community with chain food restaurants, which is what it is, Fringers, let’s face it. Now it’s time to eat our bacon,bacon,bacon on Eggers…and tell Gus to pass the salt.

  14. “The trouble with Oakland is when you get there, it’s there.” . … Herb Caen 23 Oct 1989

    “That would be like putting lipstick on a pig.” Ron Lyons -of KNBR when asked buy the S.F. Board of Supes to put $20000 his station had recently raised towards – – – get this – – rennovations of Candlestick Park !

  15. Yes, like Popeye, Fremont ‘yam what it ‘yam, and there’s nothing wrong with that. “Bedroom community” is not a bad thing. Not everywhere has to be Vegas. Growth is not bad per se – irresponsible growth is bad.

    Fremont is a contender. It was when my parents were kids, and it will be for my grandkids. What makes the City attractive to commerce and development has not disappeared. Economically, this is a bad time but, like all bad times, it will eventually pass. Residents simply need to remain involved, informed, and vigilant to know who and what they’re voting for.

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