Fremont could get money to redevelop NUMMI site

President Obama’s Car Tzar and a gaggle of federal  officials were in Newark to talk about the demise of NUMMI, and, of course, tour the new Ohlone College campus, which for all its high tech greenery gets terrible Blackberry reception.

The Tzar, Ed Montgomery, didn’t make any promises but he said Fremont potentially was in line for grants to replan/rezone the NUMMI site. Mayor Wasserman said a federal agency had contacted the city about a planning grant.

Meanwhile union folks and county officials like Supervisor Keith Carson kept saying they weren’t giving up on keeping the facility open for a new car manufacturer. That way the workers could keep there jobs and NUMMI wouldn’t have to deconominate the land around the plant.

Matt Artz


  1. What about all the families of the employees and the other businesses in Fremont and beyond? During this difficult economic time, this plant should not close. GM is now owned by the People in the United States, don’t we have a say on how GM should be run? What about Toyota? This is the first plant in the US that for years has put out quality cars and trucks. California has supported Toyota by purchasing these automobiles. This is the number one market in the US. Toyota has never had a layoff or plant closure in Japan so why is it acceptable to have a closure in the US? Looks like very different standards for the US employed men and women. It does not make sense to close the ONLY auto manufacturing plant in California. California is loosing jobs everyday. People are depressed and scared. This is very important to California and all the other states that do business with this company. This plant was allowed to open 25 years ago so that the shipping costs allowed for lower prices of the automobiles. What has changed? Someone with guts in our government must step in and not allow this plant to close.

  2. I know these are trivial distinctions, but the US government doesn’t own GM, they are a major creditor. And NUMMI employees are not employed by GM or Toyota. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if some bailout was orchestrated. Bankers and auto assemblers seem to be holy occupations deserving whatever they need survive, or thrive in the case of the bankers.

  3. Hey Marty, you must not have a family member directly affected by this closure? If you did, your opinion might be different. My husband has worked very hard at this plant for over 20 years. Right now the workers are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours every day. One week for 5 days and the next week manditory 6 days. Some days it is asked that they work 11 to 12 hour days. While all this is going on, management is attempting to eliminate positions. This ensures their bonus and cuts down on employee count for the March 2010 closure. Some employees have gotten sick, on the line. If they are to sick to come to work the next day, are written up for disapline. The union is NOT protecting the employees, only protecting their own ass so they do what ever they company says. This has gone on for years and appears to be hitting worse. Maybe if you knew some of the employees, you would understand why this is such a difficult time.

  4. Hey Pam, Who would that Government person be who would step in to stop the plant from closing? Would it be our Congressman? would it be one of our Senators? our Governor? Our new President? Who??? The sad truth is anti business job killing state laws, regulations, taxes and fees have been chasing manufacturing jobs out for years. You probably can’t count on Government for help, your elected politicians don’t care. If you think this is bad California’s not even close to the bottom yet. Sorry about your husbands job, but his job is moving to Texas. Someone there will be happy to work twelve hour days for half his wages. I’m not saying it’s right but that’s the reality of the twenty first century. But cheer up, you will be getting free Government health care in 2014 and our air will be clean.

  5. In this economy, be glad to have any hours, never mind “mandatory” work. At the rate the NUMMI workers are paid, it makes for some nice overtime checks, huh?

    Enjoy the work while it lasts. Come March it will be all over!

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