Good to Fair to Poor

Fremont recently completed a new road survey. Not good news. The city’s roads have gone from “good” to “fair” and in more than a decade they’ll probably be “poor”

On a scale of 1 to 100 Fremont rates a 64, although a small boo-boo by the consultant might have cost the city a point. Seven years ago the city was a smooth 79.

They things are going by 2018 Fremont will be an even 50. That’ll be like having Oakland’s streets, but not its baseball team.

Apparently, the cost of maintenance is up and the money to do street repairs is stagnant. The city would need about $15 million a year just to keep the streets in their “fair” state. It doesn’t even have half that.

In brighter news, Union City expects its new rating to be a 78. Newark expects to be a 71.

Matt Artz


  1. Gosh, do you mean that low density sprawling suburban development has extra costs?

  2. Wow –

    Fremont streets are relatively in poorer condition when compared to cities on our immediate borders. I speculate that these other municipalities must also struggle with the same macroeconomic forces Fremont managers do (you know – things like lower revenues – failing businesses within their commuities – “raiding” by the state – failed tax initiatives – etc., etc., etc.)

    But somehow these other communities muster an incremental effectiveness and are able to deliver a relatively higher quality service (somewhere between 10 and 20% better ) to their residents.

    – and without a ballpark no less !!!

  3. I’ve been engaged in taxes for longer then I care to admit, both on the individualized side (all my employed life-time!!) and from a legal stand since passing the bar and following up on tax law. I’ve offered a lot of advice and redressed a lot of wrongs, and I must say that what you’ve posted makes perfect sense. Please uphold the good work – the more people know the better they’ll be outfitted to deal with the tax man, and that’s what it’s all about.

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