Saddle Rack in trouble

The Bay Area’s biggest and best country western bar has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week

The Saddle Rack isn’t closing its doors just yet, but it’s going to a Wednesday through Saturday schedule.

Apparently, its been a bad year for the bar. Not only are revenues down, but it’s appealing a six-figure  judgement from a personal injury complaint against it and contesting about $100,000 in taxes the state says it owes.

To make matters worse, two months ago, burglars made off with the bar’s ATM machine.

In brighter news, I recently chickened out of riding the mechanical bull, which surely would have resulted in another personal injury lawsuit.  I still marvel that our photographer can walk after his dismount.

All the news stuff is from our business reporter George Avalos. He should have a full story in our business page/section tomorrow.

Matt Artz