Livengood exits Assembly Race, endorses Yee

Milpitas Mayor Bob Livengood has dropped this evening out of the Assembly race and endorsed Ohlone College Trustee Garrett Yee over his lone opponent, Fremont City Councilman Bob Wieckowski.

Yee and Livengood held a press confrence outside Milpitas City Hall and then sent emails out about it to folks like me. I’ll call them for comments tomorrow, but it just so happens I was in the same room as Bob Wieckowski when the emails were sent.

Wieckowski was less loquacious than usual. He said it doesn’t change much for him and that Milpitas is now open territory. Meanwhile Bill Harrison, who got a text message about the endorsement during Tuesday’s council meeting, said that Livengood’s departure means his man Wieckowski can debate Yee one-one-one, mano-a-mano without Livengood to get in the way.

Matt Artz

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  1. Good News For Garret Yee, I am going to take a loooong look at Garret Yee, I know what Wieckowski is capable of, Look at his record, NOTHING.
    The State is broke on the verge of Bankruptcy, we need leadership desperatly, I do not know what kind of leader Garret Yee is , but He was a Battalion Commander in Iraq, and hold the position of Colonel
    Check Him out….

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