Pete Stark on your telephone

It won’t be quite as intimate as seeing him in person tell folks they aren’t worth his urine, but Pete Stark is holding a community conference call at 7 p.m. tonight.

From the information below, it appears you can listen, but you can’t ask. Anyway it should be more interesting than tonight’s council meeting. My equipment is still busted, so no live blog:

WHAT: Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) will be holding a telephone town hall meeting with constituents this evening.  During the town hall, which will be conducted through direct calls to households in the 13th District, Rep. Stark will take questions directly from constituents.

WHEN: To call into the Telephone Town Hall, at 7:00 PM (PST) dial (888) 356-3090, extension 13721#

NOTE: Only people whose numbers were direct-dialed will be able to ask questions and participate in interactive telephone polls.  Dialing in will allow you to listen to the town hall, but not participate.

To sign up to be automatically called for future Telephone Town Hall meetings, visit www.stark.house.gov after tonight’s town hall.

Fremont to make Argus a bit less relevant

Fremont is touting a new Community Alert System, which won’t just be used for emergencies. The city plans to use it to give information about big deals like earthquakes and wildfires, as well as smaller deals like road closures, missing persons and happening events, if there ever is one.

Supposedly this system is a lot better than the old one. It can target specific areas with info about crime waves or school lockdowns.

If you’re into that kind of thing you can sign up for the alerts at www.fremont.gov/communityalert.

Or you can rely on your daily newspaper and its frequently updated web site, www.theargusonline.com, which is sure to have the information just as fast and with only a few more spelling mistakes. For pristine spelling and up-to-the-minute news check out Ben Aguirre’s twitter posts.


Shah gets first endorsement; AC Transit director compares him to Obama

Check out Ishan Shah’s web site. The 17-year-old Mission High Senior/City Council candidate has his first legit political establishment endorsement.

AC Transit Director and former Fremont School Board member Jeff Davis had this to say about Shah:

I have had extensive private time with a remarkable very young man who has the audacity, at the age of 17, to be running for City Council. He does not yet have the same level of gravitas that lifelong politicians have. That will only come with time. That said, I am terribly impressed with this young man, and told my mentor John Dutra this as well. I wonder what Obama was like at 18… My bet is he was something like Ishan.

I thought Obama was doing coke at 18. Or was that Bush? I forget.

Anyway, Shah is old enough to  remember that voters don’t always listen to Davis. During his 2006 run for AC Transit Board, he told constituents to vote against him because he really didn’t know much about buses.

He won anyway.


New life for the Globe, new nightlife for Fremont?

New hope for the Globe? Fremont’s Epcot Center of Stevenson and I-880 could be getting a major new banquet hall. Actually Royal Palace would include two banquet halls and a restaurant/bar.

The palace would take up three store fronts in the same spot where The Globe wanted to open Sutra Ultra Lounge, a hot club that ran into a lot of city opposition and never opened.

The banquet hall idea heads to the Planning Commission this week.


Judge rules in favor of Besaro tenants

An administrative law judge ruled against the owners of the Besaro Mobile Home Park, who had applied for a major rent increase for park residents. The judge wrote that the owners failed to show the rent increase was needed.

She said the owners were receiving fair rent and hadn’t faced any major new expenses.

The residents aren’t out of the woods yet. The owners could appeal, forcing the residents to shell out more money in attorneys fees (turns out the city would be on the hook for an appeal), or they could make good on their word to close the park.


FUSD superintendent search

In the first of what most likely will be a series of special meetings to discuss the search for a new superintendent, the Fremont school board on Tuesday decided it would look at external candidates as well as current district employees (at least for now). The last time the board conducted a full search was in 2002, when it eventually hired John Rieckewald, an outsider, as schools chief. The two superintendents after him were hired from within the district.

Milt Werner, the current superintendent who’s retiring in June, said he favored a thorough search. “Without question, we have excellent internal candidates, but it’s healthy” to do a search, he said. “It looks long; it looks arduous, but you have more than 32,000 kids on your hands. You have an awesome responsibility.”

During the meeting, the head of the district’s management association said the group would like the board to conduct a full search to ensure it was not overlooking qualified candidates. Meanwhile, the president of the California School Employees Association said an internal candidate was preferred and singled out Parvin Ahmadi, assistant superintendent of instruction, as “excellent.”

Neither Ahmadi nor the other two assistant superintendents have said if they’ll apply.

It’s not clear yet how much hiring a firm to conduct a search would set the district back. The board tentatively is scheduled to vote Monday (during its joint meeting with the City Council) whether to advertise that it’s looking to hire a search firm.