A creamery not named Cloverdale

Cloverdale Creamery was a big deal to a lot of Fremont lifers. The Bauhofers aren’t bringing it back, but Planning Commissioner Dirk Lorenz is opening a facsimile at his flower shop near the corner of Fremont Boulevard and Thornton Avenue. The flower shop is moving to its old location down Fremont Boulevard.

“The Creamery” is scheduled to debut next spring, Lorenz said. It’ll have a menu similar to Cloverdale’s.

Matt Artz

  • Tony

    I hope it does well.. I remember going there as a kid and the last days that it was closing. I really think centerville could have been the main street of Pleasanton.. To bad the Fremont planners could see it.

    Thank god Niles still has its historic past..

  • Margaret

    Don’t feel bad about Fremont lacking a downtown or a main street. Newark also has neither. If things go the way the mayor and city staff envision, the city hall and library will be demolished in favor of high-rise housing. The plan is in the recent update of the housing element. The police had a high-speed chase on their hands Thursday night. Maybe someone looking for downtown or Main Street.