Fremont looks poised to ban Styrofoam food packaging

styroLast year when Councilmember Bob Wieckowski pushed for a Styrofoam and plastic shopping bag ban in Fremont, he secured just one vote on the council: his own.

But later this month, he’s bring up the Styrofoam packaging ban again, and it looks like he’s got the votes to get it passed. Both Anu Natarajan and Bill Harrison talked this week like they are pretty close to getting on board. Natarajan said there’s less chance of the city having to fend off a lawsuit over a ban and Harrison said he mostly was concerned about the implementation date, which Wieckowski proposed for Jan. 2011.

green featherBoth council members are supporting Wieckowski in his run for state Assembly against Garrett Yee. I asked them if their change of heart could be tied to the race. Maybe they want to give Wieckowski a green feather in his cap as the race heats up? They said that wasn’t the case.

Matt Artz


  1. Wikowski, Harrison and Natarajan are all running for re election This is Bull****, pure and simple. Did you ask if it had anything to do with Harrison and Natarajan running for re election.
    This type of politics STINKS.
    I support the elimination of styrofoam and plastic bags but not as a political ploy.
    Is this, the type of integrity, we want in our local and state politics ?

  2. Californiaguy said: “I support the elimination of styrofoam and plastic bags but not as a political ploy.”

    When is lawmaking NOT a political ploy?

    As the saying goes, law and sausage are two things you do not want to see being made.

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