Niles residents contend they’re not contentious

niles town plazaMy story Wednesday on the new Niles Town Plaza didn’t go over so well. The headline, which I didn’t write, really bombed. Niles people do not like to be referred to as “contentious,” except for a few who don’t care.

Several people on the Niles internet chat group took a break from recommending podiatrists, unloading their scrap metal, and trying to find homes for unwanted kittens to talk about my story.

Most thought I was too negative, which  is hogwash, but, oh well. One person didn’t want to “embarrass me” by posting his/her displeasure on the site, so he/she sent me an email, which was very polite. The email follows: 

“New plaza unites normally contentious Niles district in Fremont”

Contentious, how about community minded, Citizens who are involved, Great things happen when communities come together to make things happen…….

We have a very united group who works with both the NMSA, Merchant Assoc, the community as a whole and the City of Fremont.  Your facts and understanding of our community may be tainted from years back of poor communication between groups and it not an issue as a community we would tolerate today.

Reporting that draws attention to sensationalize issues, lack of understanding the issue and does not take the time to really talk to the people involved is very disrespected with your readers and is a large contribution to the lack of subscriptions to many newspapers.   

For future articles you should understand the issues, talk to the citizens, merchants and community members of Niles who are intimate with the point you report to really get the facts.

Matt Artz