No sex clubs for Fremont

Not too long ago, a gent came to City Hall and asked where he could open up a sex club. On Thursday, the Planning Commission will set in motion a new law that will allow the city to respond, “Nowhere.”

Current city law would allow for sex clubs and other not so hotsy totsy businesses in the City Center right near City Hall.

The new law would outlaw sex clubs, but would keep the current restrictions on adult book stores, strip clubs, etc.

Fremont doesn’t have a strip club that I know about. There is an adult bookstore in Irvington, and you can get a similar merchandise in a couple of the smoke shops around town. People go to sex clubs to have sex with other people at the sex club.

Speak of the devil, I just got a press release from an SF club called Infusion Lounge. It’s sad that Fremont residents have to go all the way to San Francisco for a “provocative unisex bathroom” experience.


This January Marks The One Year Anniversary For Infusion Lounge SF

Unique, Sleek Design Features a Provocative Uni-Sex Bathroom,

Largest Hypnotic Geisha Holograms and Much More

SAN FRANCISCO (November 7, 2009) – Named by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine as one of “the World’s 35 Hottest New Nightclubs” in 2009, the 6,500 square foot Infusion Lounge is one of San Francisco’s most innovative nightspots. Set in the heart of Union Square, Infusion Lounge has by design, created a new category of nightlife in a city best known for its classic neighborhood joints and traditional nightclubs.

“San Francisco has always been known for its great cozy bars, but with Infusion Lounge, we deliver a new type of nightlife destination for the city,” explains Christopher Rosas, CEO and president, C-Two Group. “It’s a full sensory experience; alluring, sophisticated, provocative and contemporary; bringing a sense of heat and passion to the San Francisco scene.”

Designed by famed Hong Kong designer Kinney Chan, the sleek entertainment space features beautifully hand-crafted mosaic tiled walls, intriguing dragons, opium lounging beds, a gender-bending provocative uni-sex bathroom, plush furnishings and one of the largest hypnotic geisha holograms ever created. In addition, there are two bars, a distinctive Asian-inspired restaurant, two exclusive VIP rooms, a 2000 square foot dance floor, multiple DJ booths and an unprecedented lighting and sound system.

“There is nothing else like it in the city,” said Scott Caroen, general manager, Infusion Lounge. “With our unconventional, vibrant ambiance, unique design, excellent food and 5-star service, we create an unparalleled experience for our guests.” Infusion Lounge also offers meetings and event planners a drastic departure from the standard tiresome meeting locations; it is the perfect venue for those searching for a less conventional atmosphere. “Who says a meeting has to be in a hotel boardroom,” adds Caroen. “This is an amazing space for a company to seriously grab the attention of their group, have a day of meetings and roll it right into a great night out.”

Of course, Infusion Lounge has made a name for itself via the internationally renowned and resident DJs that keep the two separate sound environments packed each night with those looking for a sultry escape. The music styles range from eclectic ambient vibes to house, top-40 and mash-ups. DJs have included DJ VICE, Clinton Sparks, Tony Arzadon, DJ Crooked, Moto Blanco, Trevor Simpson, and DJ Five. In addition to celebrity DJ’s, Infusion Lounge has hosted its fair share of actors, musicians and models including: Roselyn Sanchez, LMFAO, Rob Thomas, P Diddy and Donnie Walhberg to name a few.

Matt Artz

  • Marty

    My master bath is a provocative unisex bathroom experience, 24/7.

  • http://tantrapantry.blogspot.com Todd R. Brown

    That sad, lonely, little town. And you know it’s all a pile of hypocritical nonsense a BART ride away from Baghdad by the Bay.

  • Jason

    Looks like I’ll continue to find my anonymous sex partners on craigslist

  • Godfrey

    Mr. Todd, you must have personal knowledge of the wonders of Baghdad by the Bay, I’m sure you take that BART ride often, I’m happy for you. Hypocritical? well maybe, but I kind of like this sad,lonely little town.

  • Fremont Lifer

    Thank you, Godfrey – I like this town too. It’s only a sad or lonely place if you’re a sad or lonely person – life is what you make it for most of us who, by the grace of whichever God(s) you believe in, aren’t subjected to unexpected trials and tribulations. Apparently, having a Hooters isn’t sufficient for those suffering from a superfluity of hormones.

    What happens in the City is great for the City, but the world needs suburbs too. We all find our appropriate niche. Even those who enjoy swinging from the chandeliers eventually discover the need to grow up, settle down, and get a life.

  • http://tantrapantry.blogspot.com Todd R. Brown

    I actually enjoyed residing in Glenmoor for a short time. “Live and let live” is a beautiful notion. That Fremont’s moral-majority forces its bland beliefs on the rest of the city is no surprise; the same Mayberry mentality can be found anywhere, including much of San Francisco. What is great for the city could be good for the suburbs and vice versa, if imaginary boundaries were not erected between “lifestyle” enclaves. So, suburban kids will fight anomie with drug and gang involvement, and realistic nightlife options in the Tri-City area will be next to none — but you know that much already.

  • Fremont Lifer

    So, Todd, if I understand you correctly, every city and town across the nation is obligated to provide to its residents the same level and type of entertainment as can be found in the largest cities in the country? We should all be the same, with no differences made that reflect the wishes and needs of the people who live there or the history of the place? Sioux Center, Iowa, and Sedona, Arizona, should be the same as Los Angeles and Chicago? Don’t people move to certain places because of the lifestyle they can find there? Fremont simply is what it is, just as other cities can be what they want to be.

    How do you know that the beliefs of Fremont residents are bland? We could be swinging from the chandeliers behind closed doors for all you know. Simply because the freak flag (and I don’t mean that pejoratively) doesn’t fly from every family home and condo in town doesn’t mean that there isn’t fun to be had here. We’re certainly not lacking in diversity, by all measures.

  • Marty

    Lifer, You’re against the ballpark. You’re against the Saddle Rack. You’re against nightclubs.

    Name one extraordinary liquor-infused activity one can engage in while visiting Fremont for an evening? I’m not saying that peeing Ally McBeal style at an overpriced nightclub is the answer. But you old fossils are against EVERYTHING that makes life enjoyable for a large portion of the Bay Area.

    You’re like Dio in a world with The Mars Volta. My friend, I wish the following song would play as you lifers vanished in to the sunset:


  • http://tantrapantry.blogspot.com Todd R. Brown

    Peeing Ally McBeal-style? Damn, I missed that story. Lifer, I know what goes on behind closed doors in Fremont because I’m a serial peeper. You really should fix that chandelier.

    Marty points to the broader group-think problem in dullsville, USA, including Fremont: Anything that rocks the boat must be pooh-pooh’d (quite a theme we have going now) and banned. “Vitality,” whether cultural or economic, is not a word that jumps to mind when one talks about the end of the BART line.

    If the city ever builds its “downtown,” imagine what kind of Disneyfied concoction it will be without a little liveliness of the sort, hmm, I don’t know, maybe a swingers club would provide? Talk about creating a marketing buzz. Vitality requires a spark, and sparks come from friction, i.e. going against the grain, not tamping down any spirited, unconventional venture.

    Why do you think bad boy Matt Artz lives in Oakland and wild woman Linh Tat lives in San Jose? That’s right, a) cultural friskiness, and b) it ain’t Fremont. So much potential in your town just goes to waste in a de facto bedroom-community blackhole. It’s peaceful, yes; it’s near nice parks, sure. But some people want more outside their door.

    I used to live in San Francisco. I was about equidistant from Sonoma and Fremont. Where do you suppose I would go for a weekend getaway? Where is the quality of life more desirable? Which is safer and more scenic and vital?

  • Marty

    Todd, in the show “Ally McBeal”, the law office she worked at had unisex bathrooms, though they weren’t all that provocative.

  • bs


    I guess this time i’ll let you be the funny one because i can’t compete with your last comment. (but you could’ve been more constructive and told lifer what exactly is wrong with his chandelier).

    Not to put fremont down, but having lived in several places, i gotta say that everything good fremont has going for it – lots of places have going for them too (with the exception of matt and linh of course). Now if some still wanna toot the fremont horn, that’s fine with me. But it really ain’t all that special (ok.. fine.. so it’s 25 here in portland and i’m wearing 3 layers).

    Why is this pertinent? Because those who scream to keep out anything other than the blandest new strip malls (i swear i didn’t mean that as a pun), and scream even louder against any tax that would pay for things they later scream about losing, are gonna find their bedroom community has all the amenities of a Motel 6.

    It’s ironic that when i was writing about the a’s maybe coming to fremont, one of the karl rovian arguments i heard from a warm springs scare monger was the rumor that the team busses in prostitutes to home games. And looky whatcha got now. I’m sure they would’ve blamed that on the a’s if the lyin’s hadn’t scared the wolf away.

    By the way.. there’s a sex club in the same oakland neighborhood where a top argus reporter lives. It’s a good discreet neighbor that happily coexists with the rest of the community (it happens to be named … i so swear i’m not making this up… Barry’s).

    Maybe a few fremont lifers could benefit from a field trip.

  • martz

    OMG, I live really, really close to a sex club. Now it makes sense why it’s so hard to find a parking spot some nights. Barry and Shell’s might tempt some, but I’d rather stay home and watch L-Word reruns. Thanks for the heads up BS. I’m going to spend the next hour trying to make a lede out of your strip mall line.

  • Fremont Lifer

    OK, Toddy, so clearly you want Fremont to be much more of a “happening” place, by whatever standards you feel are significant, than it is now. With all of the places to live in this world, I am left to wonder why you would choose such a boring place in which to take up residence. Is there a psychic reward of some sort that you will attain if you are successful in dragging Fremont out of its quiet residential doldrums into the far more rewarding world of strip clubs, sex clubs and after-hours bars?

    BTW, what you view as “group-think problem in dullsville” is what some of us see as participatory local civic involvement. While a segment of the population are out at the club, some of us are at long, geeky meetings about the general plan and education funding. Who says there’s no fun in this town?

  • Tim Starr

    Yes, what with NUMMI shutting down, costing the city 3,500 jobs in the factory alone, thank goodness the city council is busy protecting us against any entrepreneurs that might actually create a few jobs!

  • Buckshot

    For those here complaining about Fremont being boring, how do you find yourself wasting time on Fremont if you are so opposed to Fremont? If I don’t like soccer, why would I go to a soccer board to tell people that I don’t like soccer? If I did that, then I would have to be sure that I had a boring existance.

    BTW, my sister moved to Fremont and she has had some problems with crime there, so don’t let Fremont fool you, it ain’t East Oakland, but it ain’t Mayberry either.

  • Andrew Cavette

    Fremont has a far more juvenile version of a strip club — one whose business model is silly at best and whose female objectification invokes an image, not of clamoring, lewd men, but of men who haven’t grown up from their snickering Jr. High roots… They serve hot wings.