Happy Trails to Paseo Padre Parkway

Today is a happy day in Argus land.

We’re finally leaving our haunts on Paseo Padre and Stevenson. This place has a lot of memories, but it also had way too much space and was too close to that Central Park place with all those disease carrying migratory birds. It also was too convenient to the courthouse and City Hall for kvetching reporters like me.

Starting soon, The Argus arrives in Centerville, next door to the Round Table on Fremont Boulevard. Our new location means we’ll get a chance to sample kebobs, baklava and any number of substances for sale in back parking lots.

The worst part about moving is packing. But the best part of packing is finding old stories about Fremont.

Does anyone remember the reacll effort against a gay school board president?

Can you believe that Gus Morrision in 1985 paid $8 dollars for a cassette tape of San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros’ speech at the California League of Cities and played it all the time on his car stereo?

Can you believe Bob Wasserman was once just 65?  

See you in Centerville.
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Lots of ghosts here

Matt Artz


  1. Downsizing is the reality of our time Matt. Hang in there,your still a young man. There still may be a real news paper out there somehwere you can work for.

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