Marina Foods is open in Warm Springs

Fremont Times Square, located on the site that was formerly Navlet’s Nursery, is just about done, and it’s anchor tenant, Marina Foods opened for business last month.

Here’s the view from the front:


There are lots of empty storefronts surrounding the supermarket, but they had “sold” signs outside the window, so it looks like a lot more businesses will be opening next year.  And, of course, what would a new Fremont project be without a head-scratching piece of public art. At least this one can serve as a bench.
marina art


My favorite thing about Marina is the ample tofu and fake meat selection:
marina tofu

What I hate about Marina Foods, and the reason I’d never buy anything there, is the fish tank. My photo didn’t come out, but they cram dozens of fish into a ridiculously small area and let them suffer until someone finally buys one and puts it out of its misery. So inhumane. It’s not so bad, however, that I’m willing to boycott the restroom, which I’m happy to report is clean and well-equipped.

Matt Artz