Stevenson slowdown

Starting as early as Wednesday the 9th, southbound eastbound (oops) Stevenson Avenue will be closed in a small section between Gallaudet and Guardino Drives. The closure is so BART can start digging its trench for the big Warm Springs Extension project, which will go under both Stevenson and Central Park.

The closure will last until next summer, at which time the westbound lanes will be closed for several months.

Matt Artz


  1. Not to nitpick, but first they will close the southbound lanes and then they will close the westbound lanes?

  2. I looked it up, the official site says the closures will be :

    Phase 1 – One lane of traffic in each direction on the northern side of Stevenson Boulevard December 2009 through Summer 2010

    Phase 2 – One lane of traffic in each direction on the southern side of Stevenson Boulevard Autumn 2010 through Spring 2011


  3. Oops, now that I re-read this, the south side >does< close first, they will have both directions sharing the north side first.

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