A brewery in Fremont

I got a call today from a man with an impeccably German name who wants to brew German inspired beer on South Grimmer Boulevard, a few blocks from Fremont Boulevard.

Jan Schutze, who lives in Fremont, is going through the hoops to open DasBrew next year. He has an ABC permit pending, but hasn’t quite climbed through the hoop known as the Fremont Planning Department.

Schutze plan is just for a brewery a la Laverne & Shirley. There wouldn’t be a tasting room or restaurant, but it could be available in local stores.

Matt Artz


  1. Is he hiring? I could be the ‘quality control taste tester’…

  2. I sure hope this happens.The old Smart Final would also make a great location for a Micro Brewey like Drakes in San Leandro

  3. Sounds like a great idea to me. I wish him luck with the Planning Department, though. Unfortunately, it’s where good ideas go to die.

    Oktoberfest, anyone?

    Perhaps it is time to change our local, part time politicians that more reflect the culture and tastes of Fremont

  5. Are these Darth Vader”s in the Planning Department also a card carrying members of the Fremont Citizens Network? Maybe we can fool em by saying we’re going to open another Asian buffet and open a Brewpub instead! Joes Corner would be a good choice for a neighborhood brew pub. Chief Steckler…what say you?

  6. Are these Darth Vader”s in the Planning Department also a card carrying members of the Fremont Citizens Network?

    Didn’t Wasserman appoint Bacon to the planning commission?

  7. Marty, you and Charlie do not give up, you both continue to amuse us by making asses out of your selves.
    Bacon was appointed to the Economic Development Commision or whatever they call it.

  8. West, everyone knows you and the CalGuy think Bacon is the cure. FYI they call it the Economic Development (Commission).

  9. West, does it really matter? Might as well be a knitting club, or a softball team. Both would have an identical “impact”.

  10. Frankly, I wish our Mayor and council minions would take up knitting. Their time spent might be to some productive end result if they were to do so. They’re “actions” or “thinking” seem to undermine any modicum of credibility at every turn . . . . .

    You know, when they’re busy promoting that unique brand of Fremont style “thinking” and action that will simultaneously deny a permit for some individual with a business plan who wants to serve a drink or two to his/her patrons, and do so based on some mystical density of liquor serving establishments in our community, on the notion that our community can only service so many inebriated individuals in its midst, while simultaneously promoting the notion of an MLB stadeeummm, which would have (amongst so many others) the obvious impact of dumping hundreds of legal drunks onto our streets following on to a given game. . . .

    Anu, Bill, or Sue – – can ANY of you rationalize this kind of blatantly irrational inconsistency ?

    (Let’s not trouble Mr. Wasserman, he’s got enough on his hands)

  11. I dont know if Bacon is (to use your vernacular) “..the cure” Charlie.

    What I *do* know is that our current council members do a much better job of filling the seat cushions of the council chambers than they do managing, questioning and directing the course of our city.

    Most significantly, there is a clear avoidance of critical thinking amongst this gaggle.

    For this reason alone, I’m a fan of *anyone* that has the guts to speak critically of the current council and Mayor. There are just, far too many inconsistancies which we have all just quietly moved along and avoided. . . . . which is nonesense.

    What I do know is, that “a cure” – if there is one – will start by declaring the kings’ clothing for what it is . . or, in this case, is not.

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