Everyone Loves the Voice

Amazing scene at the start of tonight’s council meeting. About 50 high school kids arrive in the council chambers. They take seats, and then in small groups walk up to Tri-City Voice publisher Bill Marshak and ask for his autograph.

It’s true:







The students are here for a government class, but they’re about to get a lesson in fluorinated water. Wyn Gricich is here, and she asked me to post this web site. The path of least resistance …


The council just finished talking about it’s new Mid-Town district, which readers might remember as the former Downtown near the BART Station and City Hall. The council wants the City Center to look more urban. That’s pretty much what this round of consultants proposed. The council liked the slides, although Councilmember Chan said the buildings “look a little square.”

Any development there is a long way off.

Matt Artz

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