More Concerns about Patterson Ranch

Fremont Unified School District is getting some backing from the Chamber of Commerce over the latest plan for the big Patterson Ranch development.

Originally, the developers said they’d pay for an elementary school and provide room space for a junior high school. But the proposal includes just $9 million for the elementary school, which the district estimates will cost about $20 million.

One reason the school would cost so much is because  it’s now slated to be built on a liquifaction zone, said the Chamber’s Nina Moore, who used to sit on the school board.

The future of the development is up to the council, not the school board, but the school board could mess with whoever ends up developing the project.

It can declare that students in the future complex will be farmed out to whatever schools have space for them, even if the school is far away. That won’t help property values.

The school district put its concerns in writing on the projects environmental impact report. The chamber did the same.

Matt Artz


  1. This is a terrible place to build homes, and the developer isn’t ponying up funds to cover services. The district will need money to handle the additional students at all levels, not just for building one elementary school. The city should not approve the project in its current state.

    And, frankly, anybody buying a new house at sea level in a liquefaction zone isn’t thinking clearly.

  2. Seems this corp is involved in developing low to poor grade properties by use of push and shove, low blow, less than ethical pratices. See 2059 Pleasant Hill Road Sisters of the Holy Name in Pleasant Hill Calif. That property is still in the attempt to get it’s land use permit at the city council level. It will be in process for some time to come, please keep your eye on it! SNAP.

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