Niles Wants its post office

When I read about this sign, I thought it would be a little bigger:

post office

Matt Artz


  1. If there is one post office in America saved by community reaction, it’s going to be in Niles.

  2. seems silly to me. There is a post office down the road 2 miles on Mission. Why should you spend my taxpayer money on a post office that gets rarely used? Maybe its better to leave it as an unmanned facility – e.g. a mailbox.

  3. The Niles post office is used a lot, John! Why drive to a post office when you can walk to one and save gas! And the Postal Service is not taxpayer funded for operations. See the next paragraph.

    A news article in March stated: “Dan Blair, head of the independent Postal Regulatory Commission, noted that Congress could consider appropriating money to help the post office. The agency does not receive a taxpayer subsidy for its operations, although Congress does subsidize overseas voting and free mail for the blind.”(story by Randolph Schmidt, March 25, 2009)

    And, 2 miles?? What do you mean? The Mission San Jose post office is 4.4 miles away. The Dusterberry post office is 5.5 miles away.

  4. The Niles post office is part of our small town feel. You can go right in and be helped with out having to wait in long lines that are impersonal.

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