Patterson Ranch project scaled back significantly

Major changes for the Patterson Ranch project.

Richard Frisbie and the Patterson folks have unveiled a new proposal that reduces the number of homes from more than 800 to 520. It also eliminates the elementary school and the shopping center. The tallest homes will be no more than two stories. Previously there were some 5-story buildings proposed. The city park would go from 30 to 40 acres.

All of the homes would be east of Ardenwood Boulevard. The two churches would be west of Ardenwood.

I haven’t asked the environmentalists and the school board what they think about the changes.

Matt Artz


  1. My understanding is that the current General Plan allows for about 266 homes to be developed on this site. This new proposal would require that the Council amend the General Plan to nearly double this amount. I see no reason to allow more homes to be developed in this area than the current zoning allows for.

    This proposal is probably worse for the School District. It adds 520 homes in a part of town where the two nearby schools are already overcrowded. Children from these new homes would need to go to schools in other parts of town, several miles away. The site already under construction at Tupelo will also add to this overcrowding. The School District is already facing severe budget cuts. How can it accommodate this increased student load? It’s entirely unclear when a school could ever be built here due to the fact that it would cost additional millions to address the problems with the soils and resulting seismic hazards.

    The new proposal is all residential save for the two churches. The Ardenwood area already has some of Fremont’s most dense residential development with little nearby retail. Being on the edge of town and not transit-accessible, the proposed development would worsen the sprawling, auto-dependent nature of Fremont. If we are to increase the amount of homes to be developed, it should be done near transit hubs such as the BART stations.

    A sports park should not be located near a sensitive wildlife area. The sound would resonate over the flat lands all of the way to the hills themselves. Lights from the sports park would undoubtedly impact the natural habitat. There should be a place for our kids to play while the parents cheer out loud. This is not it.

    Housing developments like this require increased police, fire and civil services that are not fully paid for by the taxes and fees they generate. In these difficult economic times, Fremont needs to make wise development decisions that will help our economy, not hurt it.

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