Another endorsement for Ishan

Council candidate and Mission High senior Ishan Shah just stopped by the Council meeting. He didn’t ask for my autograph, but he said that Newark Councilman Al Huezo is endorsing him.

The council is moving pretty quickly. This is the last meeting of the year, and it seems like they’ve got their eyes on the prize. Time for the water park.


Everyone Loves the Voice

Amazing scene at the start of tonight’s council meeting. About 50 high school kids arrive in the council chambers. They take seats, and then in small groups walk up to Tri-City Voice publisher Bill Marshak and ask for his autograph.

It’s true:







The students are here for a government class, but they’re about to get a lesson in fluorinated water. Wyn Gricich is here, and she asked me to post this web site. The path of least resistance …


The council just finished talking about it’s new Mid-Town district, which readers might remember as the former Downtown near the BART Station and City Hall. The council wants the City Center to look more urban. That’s pretty much what this round of consultants proposed. The council liked the slides, although Councilmember Chan said the buildings “look a little square.”

Any development there is a long way off.


A brewery in Fremont

I got a call today from a man with an impeccably German name who wants to brew German inspired beer on South Grimmer Boulevard, a few blocks from Fremont Boulevard.

Jan Schutze, who lives in Fremont, is going through the hoops to open DasBrew next year. He has an ABC permit pending, but hasn’t quite climbed through the hoop known as the Fremont Planning Department.

Schutze plan is just for a brewery a la Laverne & Shirley. There wouldn’t be a tasting room or restaurant, but it could be available in local stores.


Fremont School District not too happy with Patterson Ranch Plan

Monday is the last day to comment on the Environmental Impact Report for the Patterson Ranch project, which is slated to include 839 homes, a 30-acre park, shops, two churches and a new elementary school very close to Coyote Hills Regional Park.

A group of environmentalists put the project on the ballot in 2006, but Fremont voters decided not to kill it by rezoning the land.

Now the environmentalists might have a new ally. I hear the school district is very concerned about the proposal because it doesn’t think it includes enough money for that new Elementary School. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the project last night, and I’m told Superintendent Milt Werner showed up to reiterate the district’s concerns.


Waterpark Stats

slideThere will be a presentation about Year One at the water park along with about a dozen other items at Tuesday’s Council meeting – the last of the aughts.

Here are some of the stats

1,200 kids learned to swim
More than 5,000 birthday guests — I think this shows Fremont needs roller skating rink
18 corporate picnics
4 family fun nights
100 youth jobs
Covered operating costs  via fees and sales
More than 70,000 visitors during 96 days of operation. Do the math:

729 daily visitors.

Sorry about the photo size. We’re using an unruly version of WordPress.


Fremont’s best Christmas Street

Last year, we wrote about an effort to restore the glory of Crippsmas Court in North Fremont.

They’ve done well, only most of the decorations are now one block east on Wellington Court,  just off Nicolet Avenue, which is just off Fremont Boulevard. Kudos to Jerri Bowen and Laverne Metzger.

 Here’s some of what I saw last night:


cripps 2

cripps 3

The one below is my favorite. Look toward the back left; it’s Hillbilly Jim of WWF fame.
cripps hillbilly


Stevenson slowdown

Starting as early as Wednesday the 9th, southbound eastbound (oops) Stevenson Avenue will be closed in a small section between Gallaudet and Guardino Drives. The closure is so BART can start digging its trench for the big Warm Springs Extension project, which will go under both Stevenson and Central Park.

The closure will last until next summer, at which time the westbound lanes will be closed for several months.


Happy Trails to Paseo Padre Parkway

Today is a happy day in Argus land.

We’re finally leaving our haunts on Paseo Padre and Stevenson. This place has a lot of memories, but it also had way too much space and was too close to that Central Park place with all those disease carrying migratory birds. It also was too convenient to the courthouse and City Hall for kvetching reporters like me.

Starting soon, The Argus arrives in Centerville, next door to the Round Table on Fremont Boulevard. Our new location means we’ll get a chance to sample kebobs, baklava and any number of substances for sale in back parking lots.

The worst part about moving is packing. But the best part of packing is finding old stories about Fremont.

Does anyone remember the reacll effort against a gay school board president?

Can you believe that Gus Morrision in 1985 paid $8 dollars for a cassette tape of San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros’ speech at the California League of Cities and played it all the time on his car stereo?

Can you believe Bob Wasserman was once just 65?  

See you in Centerville.
argus g

Lots of ghosts here


Marina Foods is open in Warm Springs

Fremont Times Square, located on the site that was formerly Navlet’s Nursery, is just about done, and it’s anchor tenant, Marina Foods opened for business last month.

Here’s the view from the front:


There are lots of empty storefronts surrounding the supermarket, but they had “sold” signs outside the window, so it looks like a lot more businesses will be opening next year.  And, of course, what would a new Fremont project be without a head-scratching piece of public art. At least this one can serve as a bench.
marina art


My favorite thing about Marina is the ample tofu and fake meat selection:
marina tofu

What I hate about Marina Foods, and the reason I’d never buy anything there, is the fish tank. My photo didn’t come out, but they cram dozens of fish into a ridiculously small area and let them suffer until someone finally buys one and puts it out of its misery. So inhumane. It’s not so bad, however, that I’m willing to boycott the restroom, which I’m happy to report is clean and well-equipped.