Stark subject of House ethics probe

UPDATE: Sources tell our politics reporter that the probe is connected to Stark’s Maryland home tax break.
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Matt Artz


  1. OK, if Pete’s done something wrong, it should be investigated and we need to know what it was. But where were your posts all that time the FBI was investigating Don Perata?

    From The Hill re: the Stark investigation: “The California lawmaker’s name surfaced earlier this year in a confidential ethics document leaked to the public that detailed investigations under way by both the OCE and the ethics panel.

    That document, dated July 2009, indicated the OCE had reviewed Stark and three other lawmakers after news reports indicated the Members had received a Maryland tax break intended for state residents. OCE terminated those inquiries without recommending a formal ethics investigation.”


    Once it’s over, as they said in The Godfather, “I hope they will have the decency to clear (his) name with the same publicity with which they have now besmirched it.”

  2. There could be an entire blog dedicated to Perata’s ethics violations. Matt would need an assistant to keep up.

  3. I’m shocked!!!Pete Stark got a tax break on his home in Maryland that was only intended for Maryland State residents? Isn’t any one in Fremont California the least bit curious to know why? Could it be our local Representative to congress may not be a California resident and might have actually received the tax break intended for only Maryland residents because he is one? Do I hear any alarms going off?? Doesn’t that strike any of you as being odd??

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