Another place for cheap Indian Food

bombay expressThe owners of Bombay Garden in Newark are opening a new vegetarian chaat restaurant on Monday the 11th.

Bombay Express/Vegetarian Chaat Cafe will be at 5029 Mowry Ave. at Blacow Road.

The menu will include Desi burger, which looks to have all of the fat of a hamburger, but none of the protein. Yum! There will also be something called Subz Pizzas which is a naan topped with Indian “butter sauce,” fresh vegetables and paneer. Double Yum!

The owners also run an upscale restaurant, Sakoon, in Mountain View. No word on when Fremont will get an upscale Indian restaurant.

Matt Artz


  1. oh joy…… all my friends think Bombay Garden is the standard by which Indian food is judged. That is, until they have the home cooked stuff and realize the truth :] That isn’t to say I don’t immensely enjoy going there with my family. I have done so since I was very little!

  2. Man! glad this place is NIMBY because I cant stand the smell of curry..

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