Kirby’s Violence

kirbysThere was a fight at Kirby’s Bar in Irvington yesterday. The new owner of the bar was assaulted by four men after he wouldn’t let them inside. The bar will be closed for the next 20 days — it just gets worse and worse for NUMMI workers, doesn’t it? — due to the ownership transfer, police wrote.

Meanwhile at Coach’s Bar, police got a call from a woman of a rape in progress behind the bar. But when officers arrived, she changed her story and said that two men were having sex behind the bar, police said. Officers didn’t find evidence of anything amiss and ended up arresting the woman for being under the influence.

Matt Artz


  1. Kirby’s is a watering hole for some NUMMI workers, and it will be closed for 20 days.

  2. The majority of the business they get does not come from the NUMMI workers.. I been there many times on the weekedays & weekends and it’s all the 20something that bring in the business and the rowdiness to match it.

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