Mad Fish

madfishThere’s yet another new restaurant on the corner of Paseo Padre Parkway and Walnut Avenue. Since I’ve been around these parts, that place has been a sports bar/pizza place named after an airport and a Sweet Tomatoes. Now it’s Mad Fish, which I think means it serves sushi but doesn’t actually employ anyone from Japan.

Read about it on Yelp:


There’s also Little Madfish at Pacific Commons. That made the Bulletin’s Best of the Fremont along with McDonalds, Starbucks and many other fine dining establishments.

I also noticed that the Argus sign has been taken down from the old Argus building. So sad.

Matt Artz


  1. The building occupied by Mad Fish I believe was originally a Denny’s, then became the sports bar called Just Around the Corner followed by Uno’s Bar & Grille followed by a Pizza Hut sandwich franchise.

    Sweet Tomatoes has been there since Denny’s. It sits adjacent to MF and like the Energizer Bunny just keeps going and going.

    Early report from a friend is nice presentation and good food. All entrées are 50% off for the grand opening. She says its a little pricey and time will tell if people will continue to support it at full price.

  2. I believed wrong. The place was originally a Lyons. Should have read the Yelp reviews first.

  3. Actually, for years there was a big Chinese restaurant on that corner until they moved into a smaller unit in the body of the strip-mall along Paseo Padre between Walnut and Mowry – the the building was knocked down to make room for two more restaurant buildings (great planning, Fremont!). If memory serves, there was a murder in the kitchen of the old building on the corner – a disagreement between the kitchen staff, I believe.

  4. I’ll get this right yet. Not Uno’s. Martz was right, SFO Bar & Grill.

    FL, you’re right, I remember the Chinese restaurant. Maybe that murder really jinxed that corner.

    The Yelp reviews of MF are baaad news.

  5. I kinda had that feeling, VOR. Business was never really the same after that.

  6. Wasn’t “Pizzeria Uno” on Mowry where “Joey Basil’s” currently resides, which was “Pasta?” for a short time in between.

    And my wife want to open a bar and grill- NUMMI assemblers have better job security.

  7. Ah, yes, I remember it well. There was a huge buffet restaurant there, Perry Boy’s Smorgy, which closed and became North China Restaurant. And, yes there was a murder in the kitchen. They did move into a smaller place in the plaza, which I think is now La Pinata.

    “Nice planning Fremont.” The city has nothing to do with business decisions and, I think, the building was too big to succeed as a restaurant, so the owners decided to tear it down and start over. It was Lyon’s, which closed the whole chain and then started the progression to get to Mad Fish.

    I think the problem for that location is mostly parking, not much close by and fairly difficult to get into from the parking lot, compared to most other restaurants. But, what do I know?

  8. I think the problem with the bar and grill (in all it’s incarnations) was a boring menu and mediocre quality. Even when Sweet Tomatoes had lines out the door, the bar and grill would be mostly empty. They couldn’t even draw overflow traffic from the place next door.

  9. Gus, you have excellent recall, i.e., the restaurant names. I agree with your comment about parking, but it doesn’t seem to affect Sweet Tomatoes. May be because the ST entrance faces the parking vs. having to walk around the corner.

    Our local population likes all-you-can-eat, buffet-style dining. The Pacific Buffet, one block away at Stevenson and Paseo Padre, seems to be doing well although I have not eaten there.

    Marty, you are correct. My bad. Uno’s was where Joey Basil’s aka Pasta is located.

  10. (Sorry, that should be “its incarnations” not “it’s incarnations”.)

    It often seemed to me the most obvious use for the old Lyon’s would be extra seating for Sweet Tomatoes.

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