Fremont makes new pitch for the A’s

Anyone interested in Major League Baseball in Fremont should read THIS REPORT, which is going to the council Tuesday.

At the request of Major League Baseball, the city presented an “approach” that calls for a 36,000 seat stadium on NUMMI land at the intersection of Fremont and South Grimmer boulevards.  The city would own the land and the team would build the stadium, which would be about a half mile west of the location that generated protests in the Weibel neighborhood.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig formed a committee last year to determine if there’s a viable ballpark site for the A’s in Alameda County. That committee is scheduled to issue its report to the commissioner later this month, according to Fremont officials.

BTW: Remember that survey people were getting a few weeks ago. A Major League Baseball spokesman said it very may have well been that committee. Although he couldn’t it say it with certainty, he said the commission had been doing research into the A’s and Fremont.

Matt Artz