Fremont makes new pitch for the A’s

Anyone interested in Major League Baseball in Fremont should read THIS REPORT, which is going to the council Tuesday.

At the request of Major League Baseball, the city presented an “approach” that calls for a 36,000 seat stadium on NUMMI land at the intersection of Fremont and South Grimmer boulevards.  The city would own the land and the team would build the stadium, which would be about a half mile west of the location that generated protests in the Weibel neighborhood.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig formed a committee last year to determine if there’s a viable ballpark site for the A’s in Alameda County. That committee is scheduled to issue its report to the commissioner later this month, according to Fremont officials.

BTW: Remember that survey people were getting a few weeks ago. A Major League Baseball spokesman said it very may have well been that committee. Although he couldn’t it say it with certainty, he said the commission had been doing research into the A’s and Fremont.

Matt Artz


  1. See any paterns here:

    We don’t know about the Warm Springs alternative site until after the last election – Wasserman wins.

    We don’t know about the NUMMI alternative site until after the City Managers Contract is extended for five years – Diaz wins.

    Both times YOU lose!

  2. Gus M – See Post #95 –

    Andy re post # 82 –

    Thanks for sorting out all of the various personalities andrew. I’m sure someone will find your advice valuable.

    BTW – I’d love to know – — on what do you base your judgement of my sincerity or lack thereof ??

  3. Why is bringing job creation and tax revenue to a city that is about to lose it’s largest employer such a bad idea? Care to comment Kathy SUV McDonald? Not only is baseball the “National Pastime” people will spend money right here in Fremont passing time. The only thing the anti stadium yokels (Vinnie Bacon to name a few) can do is pass gas and wine on and on! Yes they will come to Fremont from all over the country and all over the world while. Rest assured Gus will still be in the basement eating spam. Who could doubt baseball would help Fremont take a dramatic and enjoyable turn for the better? Bring it on Anti Stadium thinkers! B in the box is still is thinking inside the box and the Fremont Lifer just ate “50 eggs”. What a joy it will be to spend a day at the old ballpark and maybe have a meal afterward or do some shopping perhaps or maybe just gas up your car at a gas station in our “former” boring bedroom community. This landmark of a stadium will be the a jewel of our community and a last help to turn our boring (but safe) bedroom community into tourist destination for the betterment of all ….is that such a bad idea?

  4. Squid; your comment #103 on Matt’s – and the fact that it is now difficult to link to this thread of comments on Matt’s “Fremont Makes New Pitch for the A’s” article is a sign of just how ugly this is going to get!

    We can find the on-going active post – but we get a nice picture of none other that Mr. Oz himself.

  5. Bbox, atleast Vinnie confesses hes a tree hugger. He wants us all to grow and hug trees too. While I strongly disagree with his view, I respect the fact that he is open about it. If you come out of the closet, you will graduate to Group2.

  6. Folks, I have had a change of heart. Lets all follow Vinnie’s vision. Plant trees in centerville site, corn in State st/Capitol Ave, and lemons all over pacific common and nummi. No people, no traffic, no pollution, we will reduce the carbon footprint too !!!. I am sure we will get a federal grant for getting all the trees and corn and lemons planted. Vinnie will get us volunteers from berkeley to do the planting.

    Lets take fremont to its old golden times of rolling hills and sweet smelling orchards and corn fields. Vote for the Nimbys!!

  7. You have clearly been misinformed regarding Mr. Bacon’s position on local development. I will let him speak for himself on this issue, but his website is available at


    Put in my own words – not anti-development, anti- dumb development.

  8. I’ve read Bacon’s policy papers. Such a large void in specifics will be filled somehow, sometimes with hyperbole.

    Also, Bacon has recused himself from this thread, which is one of the most popular TCB posts of all time discussing one of the most important issues facing Fremont. In place he chimes in within 25 minutes of Art’s post announcing his candidacy, promoting the illusion of facing the heat by answering questions on his website.

  9. Although I am a sports fan, I am not for the stadium here.

    The backroom handling by city officials sucks. Why can’t they just put the whole thing under sunshine since the start?

    62M just for the link with BART? How much more public money will be spent on it?

  10. Andy,
    I to can be called a tree hugger, yes I care about our environment.
    It is people like you that think it is a big joke, that is one of the reasons we have gotten to the point we are at now.
    Do you know what a tipping point is, well we are close to it.
    I want a city councilmember that is concerned about OUR environment.

    Marty, it is apparent that you hate Vinne, you have been dissing him for a long time.
    Fortunately, you have no credibility. You are full of negative opinions
    I support Vinnie Bacon, because He is more qualified then anyone on the council, except
    Anu Natarajan, who I hope will run again

  11. Bill, Don’t confuse contrary opinions with negative opinions. I’ll let my contribution to this thread do the talking. You and Vinnie can let yours do the same.

  12. FremontLifer, so are you saying Vinnie is against reducing carbon footprint and is actually for development? If so, Vinnie goes back to Group1

    Growing trees is the only viable alternative on that site and centerville. Think about it? You guys are going to oppose more homes. Upscale retail is ruled out. You can put a performing arts center which will die a slow death. What else ?

  13. FremontBill, you are coming out and I appreciate it. So what do you think about my plan of growing trees in all the vacant land in fremont. I sure bet fremont will look better when those empty lots are lined up with trees.

  14. As I clearly stated, I do not speak for Vinnie Bacon. He is fully capable of speaking for himself. His e-mail and, I believe, his phone number are available at the site noted.

    An evaluation of any proposed development must include a comparative analysis of benefits to the city. How would an investment in one project bring a superior return than an investment of those same dollars in any another business endeavor at the same site? This has not been done in the case of the stadium proposal.

    City staff have unilaterally decided that it was worth spending in the neighborhood of $100,000 on a study requested by a developer who will not reimburse the City for that cost, and at a time when City services are going unfunded. This is irresponsible and unconscionable.

  15. You can please some of the people, some of the time. Call it as you see it and let the voters decide.

  16. Fremont Lifer, so you want the city council to make a ballot measure for every dollar they spend? $100k for a city of fremont’s size is peanuts. Think about the empty land all over fremont. If we plant lemons there and sell it, I bet we make much more money. How many years have those lands been left fallow?

  17. Stop Screwing with us! Build the Damn stadium and move the A’s there!

    It would be a great addition!!!

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