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fred diazI spoke to City Manager Fred Diaz today, and I called him too close to my deadline.

A few things:

On how much money the city has spent on the new baseball plans:
Between $90,000 and $100,000 — mostly on consultants who had helped the city with the previous plan and mostly on analyzing the infrastructure costs.

On the estimated $62 million in infrastructure costs:
“We think it’s a wise investment with our without Major League Baseball,” he said.

On buying the land:
Some outside agent, quite possibly the county, would have to help buy the land and help with infrastructure.

On a new concept that has more public money:
Diaz said the Pacific Commons plan included rezoning 125 acres to residential, which would have generated a lot more money for the team.

On whether this was done in secret:
“I informed the council what I was doing. “I told them I though it was a great idea and a whole lot of opportunities could come out of it. This was such a good idea that staff worked hard to preserve the option for the council.”

On how it went down:
He said the city had mostly talked with MLB about the breakdown of the Pacific Commons plan until Toyota announced in August that NUMMI would close.  The city was working on the approach in mid November when baseball told them that they had to have the approach submitted by the end of December, Diaz said. By the time the city had determined that the infrastructure costs weren’t deal killers it was December and the council was going on break, he said.

On the recommendation for a non-binding vote:
“We think that people ought to way in,” he said. “It’s really a political recommendation on my part. A lot of what I heard is that people didn’t have an opportunity to weigh in.” He said there was a lot of support for a stadium.



Matt Artz

  • Anon101

    “It’s really a political recommendation on my part.”

    See any paterns here with other “political recommendation(s)”? :

    We don’t know about the Warm Springs alternative site until after the last election – Wasserman wins.

    We don’t know about the NUMMI alternative site until after the City Managers Contract is extended for five years – Diaz wins.

    Both times YOU lose!

  • Fremont_Bill

    City Manager Fred Diaz, do you mean our Shadow Mayor Fred Diaz who leads Wasserman around by the nose. Wasserman’s expertise is law enforcement, not running a city.
    We need a Charter City so we can make all the decision makers accountable to the voters. I do not remember voting for Fred?

  • Fremont Lifer

    We need a city manager who knows who he ultimately works for – not the Council – for the people of Fremont. He has been creeping around behind our backs with some hare-brained idea that he thinks is promising, using piles of money to develop a sales plan to use mountains of our money to buy land for a private developer who runs a seasonal business whose revenues are based on discretionary income.

    Diaz has no credibility, no integrity. He has, again, breached the trust that should exist between City management and the people. He must go. Our Council must be out of their minds to turn the management of this city over to a person like this for five minutes, much less for five more years. Every contract has an “out”. After the election, job one for our new Council must be to find that “out” and use it.

  • mcohn

    The A’s suck, and have for the last 20 years. Its not the stadium its the owners enable losers.They have the worst attendence in the league because they are losers. Diaz and Wasserman are in good company in the A’s backpocket.

  • FredDazed

    I am Fred Dazed City Manager of Freeeemont. I like the A’s to come to Freeeemont because I want to be famous and get free beer and hotdogs from the A’s. A’s promised it would not cost me anything because the Freemont taxpayers will pay for all things extra in special contract that Mayor Weasleman and I agreed upon with our best A’s friend behind closed door. Mayor Weasleman likes free hotdog too. We know that angry Freeeemont Mob with mucho facts and numbers that show stadiums lose money and cost taxpayers big money will try to stop us,but do not get scared Weasleman has special plan to get stadium and free hotdogs at any cost. As long as the costs are for Freeeemont taxpayer and not our A’s friend we be happy. Maybe I can throw opening game pitch too. Me got to go now, me got to discuss public meeting that gave public short notice, weblinks that no work (hehe Mayor Weasleman’s idea), and 5pm meeting time to get alot of Mob no shows (my idea). Of course we had got lots of Chamber of Commerce friends to stack the Deck in our favor (their idea).
    Fred Dazed the by hook or crook A’s Fan

  • Julie

    I was shocked when Diaz made his little joke about the only alternative to the ballpark being an indoor ski resort. In response to the question of what alternatives there might be to the ballpark his answer was basically well, I can’t think of anything else that is likely to fall in our lap, so this is the only option. Don’t we pay him to come up with creative and effective projects and programs for our city? Or do we pay him to sit around and react to whatever proposal happens to come his way?