Fremont Stadium Supporters return to the Rack

Last year, A’s stadium supporters staged what was to be a rally at the Saddle Rack, but, which felt more like wake.

Now they’re they’re planning another rally. Here are the details, courtesy of facebook:

Event: Rally to Support the A’s in Fremont
“Show your support by attending this rally”
What: Rally
Start Time: Monday, January 25 at 6:00pm
End Time: Monday, January 25 at 9:00pm
Where: Saddle Rack

I say if Mayor Wasserman can last 90 seconds on the mechanical bull, Fremont should get the A’s.

Matt Artz


  1. Wasserman is used to hard riding but my bet is on the Mech.bull. Wasserman better get used to the legal issues that will bury his wrinkly old butt when the lawsuits start flying over the A’s. First the proposed stadium will cause significant environmental effects, any EIR addressing the stadium project will be growth-inducing and, in particular, will lead to the ultimate development of businesses near the stadium. Wasserman and Diaz can not deal with future growth issues later, it must be dealt with at the time when actual stadium proposals may be filed the City or County.

    It is a given that the courts will issue a peremptory writ to require the City of Fremont (wasserman and diaz are noted ) to place an initiative measure on the ballot to deal with the stadium. As Diaz has proposed a non-binding vote will not be legal.

  2. Isn’t it ironic that the pro-Fremont-A’s group has picked a bankrupt establishment as their focal point? ‘Tis an apt symbol, I’d be inclined to believe…

  3. So, Matt, you’ll be providing similar coverage of any upcoming anti-stadium rallies, protests, parties? Fair’s fair, and you’re impartial, right?

    You can’t put somebody who’s full of bull ON a bull – it just won’t work.

  4. Ton of Irving
    Can’t say much for your Bolshevik propaganda anti-stadium website. AGAIN can you please explain… If your point is Comerica Park, Camden Yards, Great American Ball Park, Coors Field, Nationals Park and all the major league baseball stadium built in the last few years along with the teams representing those communities are on the road to ruins I guess I didn’t get that e-mail? Has professional baseball not been a economic boon for those communities? Baseball Stadium continue to be built…so are you saying all of these cities have been duped? Hard to believe comrade!

  5. Hey, Swamp Squid, where’s “OJ.s Legal Team” today? Hmmm?

  6. In the comments on Matt’s article, “Council Report”:
    Notice the exact same message posted by someone using the names “OJ.s Legal Team” and “Swamp Squid.” Messages #37 and #38. People who invent multiple names for themselves like this are said to have created “sock puppets.” It’s nothing new. Those of us who have been around the internet and newsgroups for a while (20+ years for me) know it’s a rather slimey practice used by people who have weak talking points and are trying to invent phony support for themselves. They often get busted because it becomes obvious. In this case, it’s so hilarious that it qualifies for a nomination to some sort of internet version of “dumbest criminals.” Odds are that there are really only a couple of pro-stadium people in this discussion but they’re using “sock puppets” to post the equivalent of “yeah, what he said.”
    They hate being discovered! I predict we’ll see lots of protests now from the sock puppet users.
    In yesteryear, I used to be surprised that people of this caliber had enough smarts to be able to think of doing this. I shouldn’t have been. It is, after all, a form of cheating and I suspect cheating is nothing new to people who do this.

  7. Baxter, I believe Matt has had many threads on the TCB reporting FCN activities and protests. He’s even risked his work issued Blackberry to take pictures of the rabid mob of anti-development NIMBY maniacs hell bent on preserving their property values.

  8. Eyesbright, you know there’s three rules of fight club:

    First rule, never post under multiple handle/usernames.

    Second rule, never invoke Adolf Hitler.

    Third rule, don’t post the same comment under multiple threads. We got it the first time, and if we thought it was the slightest bit interesting we would have responded.

  9. Marty,
    Your ego must be big as all outdoors if you think you make the rules. What color is the sky in your world?

  10. Keep reminding us Irv.

    Unfortunately, TCB sysadmin has never acted on or doesnt possess the technical tools necessary to fulfill the previously made suggestion to expand the “RECENT COMMENTS” sidebar from its current limit of 4 messages.

    How lame ? – Just reduce the line count on OTHER BLOGS and BLOGROLL and allocate the same space to the much more dynamic RECENT COMMENTS data – as opposed to those static and far less frequented place holders.

  11. I saw the event on facebook. interesting. In the meantime I was creating this:


    In a matter of hours, over 200 supporters. Pretty good stuff.

    Sorry that was off topic. Will be interesting to see if the Anti-A’s movement puts together a response rally.
    Any word yet on who will be paying for clean up on the NUMMI grounds? It wasn’t in the report…

  12. Yes, it’s interesting that clean-up costs weren’t addressed, isn’t it? How much you want to bet that issue will remain un-addressed if and when this appears on the ballot? Why would the voters need to know how much it will cost to clean up the site, and why wouldn’t all of the other businesses that are supposed to rush to locate near the stadium want to know that as well?

    I also encourage all interested residents to check out the FCN site – very interesting information.

  13. People have been talking about movie theaters in Pacific Commons for years, and it never happens. Maybe the city management is too focus on building a baseball stadium and forget there are other important things to focus.

    Looking at the packed house in Great Mall and Union City Century Theaters, this should be a good investment.

  14. Niles, funny you should mention that. I was just reading up there!

    I agree. Two weeks AFTER Avatar came out, there were still lines of movie patrons at Great Mall who wanted to buy tickets. I was one of them. Shows became sold out in the process…what did all those patrons waiting for a later show do? They turned around and entered the mall behind them to burn off time. Personally, I enjoyed Cold Stone and spent some quality time with my dad selecting my mom’s christmas present. To recap

    -we bought movie tickets
    -bought ice cream

    That was just us two…you should have seen some of the other people there. It adds up!Perfect local economy stimulation.

    I’ll link you guys to my A’s position paper as soon as I finish. Give me like half an hour.

  15. As for post #5

    What meaning do you expect your delusional self-important statements of unknowing, inexperienced opinion to have to us who think and reason?

    Eyesbright I know your a fan but I think your kind of creepy.

    I am so proud of Eyesbright and Marty for setting me straight on the RULES of the blog… read on.

    Butch Cassidy:
    No, no, not yet. Not until me and Harvey get the rules straightened out.
    Harvey Logan:
    Rules? In a knife fight? No rules.
    [Butch immediately kicks Harvey in the groin]

    Do you really expect me to believe there are rules to the blog you knuckleheads?

  16. It’s great to see you keep an open mind, Ishan. And like any reasonable person, you have certain contingencies that have to be met in order for your continued support. THAT, in my opinion is how it should be.

  17. Ishan regd #13, a movie theater in PC will defintely bring the ire of costco. Remember their main objection was crowd. Having a theater may not bring in crowds like a stadium, but you will get some every day, and esp on the weekends all day.

    Everybody is selfish and I understand Costco’s position. But a theater will definetly benefit the restaurants around. But again PC is designed so horribly, its totally not walkable.

  18. Coscto & Lowes won’t object to a theater at Pacific Commons–feel free to ask them–and would welcome the additional modest levels of potential shoppers. Their objection to the stadium, the same as residents, is the street-clogging/paralyzing (roads, parking lots) surge of traffic that surrounds each game at a 30K-person stadium.

    Just by its nature a theater only has an influx/outflux of people in relatively small batches (a few shows opening or exiting at a time). So three shows with 1K-people [big theaters… or six shows of 500, etc.] letting in and out every half hour = 3K people (only half are heading in a given direction) x 2-theater-reloads-per-hour, at 3/car => 6K people in 2K cars per hour.

    Tell you what. If you can get the stadium to only allow 10K people per hour on the public roads (assume same 3 persons per car = 3K cars per hour heading to or away from the game per hour) for a PC stadium around game time maybe you’d have something. A game starting at 5PM at a 30K+ stadium only requires three+ hours before *and* after the game for this. So before a game no game attender can even get or be on the public streets until their appointed time block (2-3PM, 3-4PM, 4-5PM, with some arriving two hours+ before the game. Miss your assigned window, go back/stay at home…), and after the game only 10K can leave the theater per hour (e.g. 10PM, 11PM, midnight). Seems like the stadium would be thrilled by the prospect of keeping 20K then 10K locked in the park for an hour or two after the game buying lots of concessions.

    Or better yet, how about if only 10K people can arrive before the first inning but have to leave after the fifth, another group can only arrive for the third but gets to stay until the seventh, and the final group arrives for the fifth inning but can stay until the ninth+.

  19. Marty, I agree. I was just discussing with another blog member about how its so important not to have your mind made up about things before you have the entire picture. Political agendas sometimes supersede the best ideas and doing what’s right at the national level… if that trickles down to the local level as well we’re in trouble.

    Andy, I think rescueblues answered the Costco thing fairly well. I would think they would welcome the somewhat higher amount of traffic into the region, wouldn’t you? A movie theater wouldn’t bring the bad kind of congestion that Costco feared the A’s would. It would bring levels of new foot traffic, which certainly would help the businesses in that area.

    Its good to see that people are giving this some thought. It high time we had a project that we could all see eye to eye on…

    Just to recap the links so you dont have to dig through:

    A’s position-

    Movie Theater discussion group- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=294634830743

  20. OK, then I amend my example:

    A game starting at 7:15PM at a 30K+ stadium only requires three+ hours before *and* after the game for this. So before a game no game attender can be on the public streets before or after their appointed time block (4:15-5:15PM, 5:15-6:15PM, 6:15-7:15PM, with some arriving two hours+ before the game. Miss your assigned window, go back/stay at home…). And after the game only 10K can leave the stadium per hour (can’t leave before end of-game, then e.g. => midnight, 1AM, 2AM : 10K people at a time).

    Even better after the game since I can’t see Costco & Lowes complaining about the outgoing traffic several hours after their stores close.

  21. As soon as Costco remedies their own congestion issues such as checkout lines 10 baskets deep and clusterf***s at every isle end-cap caused by the free samples then I’ll start to worry about traffic outside the store.

  22. What does the way Costco handles things *inside* their store have to do with anything? That only impacts the store and its members–customers, but they’ve paid to be members and agreed to Costco’s rules and environment. That’s not inflicted on anybody outside the store, and the parking lot congestion (again, for Costco customers) and traffic impact of the store (one of many in PC) pales in comparison to something like a stadium.

    If you don’t like Costco, don’t shop there. If you don’t like the private stadium traffic, stay off the public freeways and roads for many miles around the stadium for hours before & after a game or other event.

  23. RescueBlues – –

    Surprisingly irrational response to an otherwise reasonable dialogue – isnt it ?

    Who benefits from and/or what kind of damaged psychology has a need for – debate for the sake of debate, with no rational basis ?

  24. I’ll tell you what’s irrational- selling baseball tickets with time windows when people could exit a freeway. And why are we even discussing this? The proposed site in across the highway.

  25. Because I was responding to post #20 as to why Costco etc. wouldn’t object to a theater but *did* object to a stadium. And I also pointed what would be required by stadium-goers to mitigate their traffic impact to one similar to a theater, in Pacific Commons or Warm Springs.

    I’m not surprised that you don’t like that traffic mitigation strategy, but I’ve never seen any proposal for dealing with the huge short-term stadium traffic at PC or “across the freeway.” As someone who has worked near a large public arena, the only “strategies” I ever saw were “don’t live/work nearby if you don’t like it” and “check the event schedule and don’t come or go or drive past hours before or after the events.”

  26. Comerica Park – located in DOWNTOWN Detriot. Incorrect to use this as an example for a case of a stadium in a suburb.

  27. Coors Field – Located in the Sun Valley neighborhood of Denver. According to Wikipedia, “Much of Sun Valley’s population (94% according to the 2000 census) resides in 10 blocks dominated by publicly-subsidized housing. Only about 5% of the neighborhood’s population live in owner occupied units. Much of the rest of the neighborhood consists of industrial areas, parks, city service buildings and Invesco Field at Mile High and its surrounding parking lots.”

  28. Camden Yards – Located DOWNTOWN Baltimore.

    Again, should not be used for comparison in this case.

  29. There seems to be plenty of high end real estate around Coors Field. If the information from Wikipedia is correct, then people are still paying a premium to live near a revitalized stadium despite the proximity to subsidized housing.


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