How Alameda County could buy land for the A’s

Alameda County is selling land in Dublin and Pleasanton. It could, if the Board of Supes approved, use the proceeds to buy the NUMMI land. That would be the plan.

Matt Artz


  1. Would the county supervisors prefer a ballpark in Oakland or Fremont? (if the A’s are still in Alameda County)

  2. What land? For how much? What would be the alternate use of the funds? Lots of questions out there still unresolved.

    I’m still not keen on A’s in Fremont, but the latest proposals seem to be the best of the bunch. Never liked it at Pacific Commons, and I still think there are traffic issues off 680 at AutoMall to resolve. Let’s face it, that intersection is not good at the best of times, and with a ballpark it’s not going to get any better.

  3. Matt,
    I like your reporting, and look to this blog as a source of credible news. But this time, I must say, this is not really reporting or credible. Just because the county sells land in one instance does not mean they have to buy land in another place. Ridiculous. I hope you stick to true reporting and not offer speculation without basis or facts because everyone reads your writing with respect and credibility.

  4. Heather,
    The “latest proposal” you mention is not a proposal. It is described by the city as a conceptual approach. i.e. it is just a fantasy story woven by our City Manager & Mayor with $100,000 spent on a consultant to put together this document called “Conceptual Approach”, which some guy in the city council meeting referred to as vapor-ware.

    What specifically about this approach do you feel is best of the “bunch”? Anything specific, so that I can understand why it is better than previous proposals?
    If I present you with 3 bad ideas, will you pick the best of the worst? We should not accept the best of the worst ideas, should we?

  5. Since when our journalist starts to spread rumors around? Show us PROOF.

  6. Imagine that – a company relocates from the Penninsula to the East Bay. Hmmm – – wasnt cuz Livermore *had* a stadium though. Seems like there might be OTHER ways of attracting solid businesses in a community than building a stadeeumm.

    Quick – who knows the details of this deal ? What was the value proposition that caused them to consider and relocate to Livermore ?

    Does Fremont have a comparable set of economics and amenities to offer ?

    Who’s job could it be to try to get a Fremont offer up in the faces of any businesses seeking to relocate ??

    Oh – staff cuts – — that’s right. . maybe no one to do this kinda work. But, maybe if we weren’t busy putting time and effort into a stadium . . . . . hmmmmm. Missed opportunity ?


  7. You see, Heather, the City wants to push through a “concept” which contains none of the details that you’re asking about and lots of other important issues. Be assured, the devil is in the details and the City Council doesn’t want you to know those details.

    The City wants to push this project through quickly in order to take advantage of a crisis – the closure of the NUMMI plant. They want you to be afraid, because no one else wants to come here and nobody else ever will. We have to take this deal or we die. Don’t waste time asking questions – you can trust us.

    The City proposes a multi-million dollar gift to a private business. Ask yourself, “How much more do we have to give to the private sector? When does the greed stop?”

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