Landslide in the hills

No homes imperiled, but a nice photo from Paul Afshar of Unitek College. That’s dust blowing around the hills.

(I’ve changed the headline, which incorrectly stated that the landslide was above Ohlone College)


Matt Artz

  • http://www.ishanforcouncil.com Ishan Shah

    This house is a street over from mine! I know Mr. A’s son.

  • VOR

    Matt, if the landslide was behind the college why post this photo with it? You like the pic, but it infers the slide happened where the big slide on Mission Peak took place in ’98 (?). You’re going to freak out a lot of folks who live near the Big Slide.

  • Californiaguy

    Great photo, I saved it and blew it up, looks great.
    Another reminder, Do Not Mess with Mother Nature.

  • martz

    VOR, the photo-taker said it was behind Ohlone. Maybe that isn’t precise. It was in the hills.

  • http://www.ohlone.edu pbirkedahl

    Just to reiterate, the buildings in the foreground of that photo are not on or within sight of the Ohlone College campus.

    I am, however, surprised to see any dust arising from the ground last week after the soaking we got!