NUMMI workers to picket San Jose Toyota dealership

Straight from the press release:

Picket starts 1 p.m. Saturday  “to warn car shoppers that Toyota is no longer living up to its reputation for product dependability, consumer safety, and employee job security.”

Are they saying they made crummy cars?

The press release says picketers will be at Stevens Creek Toyota, 4202 Stevens Creek Blvd. in San Jose every weekend through February.

Matt Artz

  • fremontguy

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    Thanks Matt!

  • Godfrey

    Wow!! It’s just keeps getting worse!!and worse!! I feel so sorry for the average Blue Collar factory worker. What a slap in the face,if you are one and reading this I’m so sorry your Union Leadership has sold you down the river, Wow!!!

  • Marty

    I like how the onus is on Toyota to keep these fossils employed. Courtesy Chevrolet is down the road NUMMI worker. Why don’t you go pay them a visit as well?

  • Larry

    Marty, why doesn’t UAW picket GM dealerships? It’s simple, UAW now owns 17% of GM.

  • Marty

    I didn’t know that Larry. That explains why there has been essentially zero critique of GM when they should share half of the blame. I do feel sorry that these people are loosing their jobs, but if they believe that their resolve requires employees of a local dealership to take a hit too so they could make a point, then I lose sympathy really quick. But realistically, there’s probably only a half dozen people on the entire planet who wont buy a Toyota because of NUMMI.

  • Maria

    They can’t get it right onside of the plant or outside of the plant!
    Check out their level of disrespect they have for the people they ar being paid to represent!