Stay away from Fremont Boulevard in Centerville

UPDATE: Traffic is moving again

Suspicious package on train at Centerville Depot. Traffic stopped.

Matt Artz

  • Marty

    Matt, there was a head on at Decoto and Paseo early this morning and it looked pretty bad. Do you have any info?

  • martz

    Sorry Marty, no info

  • Dirk

    It was an “unattended” bag…. Homeland security visited the Depot and surrounding area over the past few weeks, and warn not to take such things lightly. This bag was on the ACE 06 (second train of the evening) I am not sure how it was detected, but as a precaution, ACE personal cleared the train while stopped at the Depot to investigate. Train continued on to Stockton at 6:15 pm or so.