Tri-City area as one city

Former Fremont Mayor Gus Morrison says Fremont, Newark and Union City would do better as a single city.

He writes about it in his blog.

Consolidation offers all sorts of fun speculation: Who’s the city manager? Who’s the police chief?

What’s the name:
New New Delhi?
North San Jose?
Niles Rotary City?
“Silicon Valley?”

Matt Artz


  1. We all know Fremont tried to swallow up it’s neighbors back in the 50’s and failed. I cant see it happening now either.

  2. On many levels it makes sense, but I bet it will be insanely difficult. I’d fully support merging fire as a trial run.

  3. The City of Playford is a Local Government Area of South Australia, located in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. It was formed in 1997 through the merger of City of Elizabeth and City of Munno Para, which were formed in 1955 and 1988, respectively.

    Fremont’s Lake Elizabeth was named after the city of Elizabeth, which was a sister city.

  4. Jon, too late to merge Newark and Fremont Fire – Newark’s already engaged to Alameda County Fire, scheduled for a June wedding.

    Leaving out the histories of the respective tri-cities, just the big personalities (and egos) involved at the top of each would be a major challenge to any municipal mergers. The working cultures of Fremont, Newark and Union City are so vastly different as to challenge any possibilities of any or all of them living under the same roof.

    It would offer lots of income opportunities for the consultants that the cities would hire to study the possibilities, though.

  5. “We all know Fremont tried to swallow up it’s neighbors back in the 50’s and failed.”

    Don’t you mean the five townships/town banded together, and also invited Newark, who declined?

    Yes “annexing” Newark in the 50’s failed, but that’s because the new Fremont wanted to use Newark as purely an industrial zone and the town/city of Newark wasn’t going to have that. Today if Newark, an enclave of Fremont (meaning it is fully surrounded by the City of the Fremont), became a part of Fremont, it wouldn’t have to worry about land that was zoned residential all of a sudden becoming industrial. Newark today has nothing to lose from joining Fremont. I don’t know what it gains, either.

    Same for Union City. But why not??

  6. You’d have to change the name of the city, as our boy mentions:

    The City of Silicon Valley doesn’t sound too bad.

    You always get some Peninsula and South Bay elitists who love to say that Fremont isn’t a part of SV. Well, f**k them and change the name of the super city to Silicon Valley.

  7. Would it be wrong to open a sandwich shop called the New New Delhi Deli?

  8. Re comments 1 and 5. There are places where similar consolidations have happened, but mostly where the suburbs were merged with the central city. The most recent I know about is Louisville Metro, where so much of the middle class had moved out of town that they needed to do something. So far it is successful

    In Australia, the national government decided there were too many municipalities and mandated the states deal with the problem. In one state, they simply abolished all cities. In South Australia, they chose to merge cities, which is why Elizabeth and Mono Parra merged. They still have their area identifications, but it is now Playford as VOR reports. Elizabeth is the smaller of the two, but in the end, the mayor of Elizabeth became the mayor and the city manager of Elizabeth became the city manager.

    RE #4. At one time Fremont and UC fire merged and it worked quite well until the then manager of UC decided he wanted his own department, ending a successful partnership. Some of the former UC firefighters chose to stay with Fremont after the dissolution.

    RE # 7. When I actually took a class at Ohlone on Washington Township history, I learned that Newark incorporated before the other communities and it was their stated goal that they would be the industrial center of the area. In those days, the large property tax provided by industry pretty much guaranteed a well funded school system for those who lived there and housing did not pay anywhere near as well.

    I have struggled with a name, but figured it would evolve if the process continued, dependend on the reactions of the three city councils. There is a book (author forgotten) about a city called Ecotopia. I thought about calling it Econotopia based on being forced into it by the economy, but it doesn’t just flow off the tongue.

    I sent the idea off to the councilmembers and managers of the three cities. So far I have had 4 responses (out of 18 sent). Two promised to study it over the weekend. One thought it was a great idea and ought to be evaluated further. The last had a guarded “might be a good idea.”

  9. Not sure about Econotopia.

    How about Segreville, which could have been Fremont’s name in the first place?

  10. In my fantasy world I would just call it “Tri-City”.. its not specific to either but, yet refers to all three cities. The City of Tri-City.. yeah.. rolls off the tongue and people still use it as a reference.

  11. If I recall my Fremont history correctly, one of the potential names was “Mission Valley”.

    The competitive wing of Fremont’s soccer league recently renamed themselves “Mission Valley United”.

  12. “Mission Valley, CA” gets my vote. That is an awesome name. It sounds like somewhere you’d really want to live.

    BTW, is there any way to do this without Newark?

  13. Mike TeeVee, your recall is very good. Mission Valley was one of the names that was considered at the time of incorporation. Wally Pond thought the ladies of Mission San Jose were attempting to tip the vote for MV, but more of the communities had voted for Fremont. It won.

    Page 169 – Creating An Identity – “The First Thirty Years, History of Growth”

    Anyone interested in Fremont’s history should read the book. As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Or as Yogi Berra said, Dea Vu all over again.

  14. What about “Tripoli” to incorporate the Tri-City idea in a more elegant way. Tripoli derives from the Latin, “Regio Tripolitana” or “region of three cities.”

  15. It’s a nice dream but, it will never happen.
    In fact, Decoto and Alvarado are often called by there old names than Union City itself. Very proud residents.

  16. Great idea – let’s name the city after the capital of Libya, one of the countries currently on the US watch list.

    “The Transportation Security Administration recently announced an increase in monitoring procedures in light of the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack. The TSA labeled the following 14 countries as either “state sponsors of terrorism” or “countries of interest”: Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.”

  17. How would the council be elected? At large, or would districts be formed to ensure equal representation by Newark and U.C.?

    Who cares what Australia did?

    Most important, what about fireworks??
    No fireworks, no deal.

    U.C. !!!

  18. Niles Baxter: If that’s the standard by which we judge things we should rewrite the Marines’ Hymn, “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.”

  19. #19

    Everything is on the table. I would guess a 9 or 11 member council elected from districts of 30-40,000 people. At large would make running for office impossible for almost everyone.

    Probably a strong mayor/manager system, but that would be decided by the freeholders who draft the charter. The fireworks question will be interesting.

  20. Ok, after seeing how much BICKERING Fremont has going on.. I would vote NOT to have any citizens from Fremont elected as an official.. Nothing would get done.. In fact, if I lived in Niles now, i would try to succeed from the city of Fremont.

  21. Interesting. Before talk about merging cities, shouldn’t Fremont first resolve the “independence” of its boroughs (e.g. Niles, Centerville, MSJ, Warm Springs?

  22. Now let’s discuss how we handle the merge of the three school districts.

  23. Fremont could just invade Newark. We already have them surrounded. 🙂

  24. Tony, that “bickering” you mention is also known as the American democratic process.

    For many years Fremont slumbered through a non-“bickering” phase, and where did that get us? Decisions made without any real public input, businesses closed and their buildings flattened to prepare for development that never came, schools with all manner of problems from financial to structural, a police department that will not respond to burgulary calls, cut-backs in every conceivable city service, a Planning Department that chases every prospective business out of town that has not been personally blessed by City management, and a flourishing old-boys network functioning as a direct couduit to a City Council seat.

    Folks have woken up, they’re talking, and they don’t always agree. That’s the way things are supposed to be; the free exchange of ideas. Sorry we disturbed you.

  25. It’s an interesting point that Niles makes.

    Many who have evolved to a position of perceived success and have done so with the aid of that relative muck of electorate lethargy will struggle with anything that is perceived as change.

    I s’pose that might include any kind of critical thought and discussion amongst the electorate; certainly any kind of media scrutiny would be avoided; or how about credible BLOG activity – – – – hmmm, now how do I discredit that damn BLOG activity ???????

  26. Niles – I know it’s the “American democratic process”

    I been participating in it for the past 28 years in the Tri-City area.

    The bickering in Fremont has gone on for years. The people are never satisfied with the people who are voted in or the doings as you so pointed out.

    So does this mean that Fremont just hasn’t found quality candidates?

    Who knows.. but, as long as we continue to have that American democratic process, will keep voting them in and out till we find one that works. I’m sure one day Fremont will have peace and harmony..

    BTW, You didn’t disturb me..

    Have a Great Day 🙂

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