A’s Rally

UPDATE: Thank you VOR for the video link:

There were a lot of people at the Saddle Rack tonight. Definitely more than 200 people, maybe 300. And it wasn’t just business types.

Council members Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan were announced as being present. I didn’t actually see either of them. I did see John Dutra. I also saw a lot of free food, but for once, I abstained.

It was a pretty energetic crowd, not quite as high octane as the folks I saw last Friday night at the Saddle Rack’s Hitchin’ Post, but pretty spirited nonetheless.

The Saddle Rack isn’t kind to cell phones with no flash. But maybe you can get  a sense of the crowd from the video above. Chamber Member George Duarte speaking followed by Chamber honcho Nina Moore:

Matt Artz