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UPDATE: Thank you VOR for the video link:

There were a lot of people at the Saddle Rack tonight. Definitely more than 200 people, maybe 300. And it wasn’t just business types.

Council members Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan were announced as being present. I didn’t actually see either of them. I did see John Dutra. I also saw a lot of free food, but for once, I abstained.

It was a pretty energetic crowd, not quite as high octane as the folks I saw last Friday night at the Saddle Rack’s Hitchin’ Post, but pretty spirited nonetheless.

The Saddle Rack isn’t kind to cell phones with no flash. But maybe you can get  a sense of the crowd from the video above. Chamber Member George Duarte speaking followed by Chamber honcho Nina Moore:

Matt Artz


  1. I was sitting next to Bill Harrison at the League of Women Voters “Three Mayors” event at Ohlone in Newark until after 9, so he wasn’t at the Saddle Rack.

  2. I arrived at 6:20 while the mayor was speaking. The first person I saw was lil’Bill. He must have left with the mayor.

  3. “Announced as being present” ? Who announced ? Why announced ? To make the public, MLB and A’s think the ballpark was very welcome by city council because they went to the rally ?

  4. Thank you for that piece of info Gus. When will these lies stop? Vote em out! Fresh blood I say, fresh blood.

  5. Matt, do you plan on providing a more in-depth report on the event? KTVU showed a small group of Oakland supporters outside who want the A’s to stay in Oakland.
    KPIX interviewed a gentleman who supports the move to Fremont and spoke with high regard of Lew Wolff. He then stated he works for him.

  6. Gus, The A’s rally started at 6 p.m., so it’s likely that Bill Harrison was there at the start and left early.

    VOR, I got to the rally late, and I had dinner plans for 8 p.m. so I didn’t talk to too many people. Also, the paper only had room for a photo. The rally lasted till about 7 p.m. No additional rally details from me.

  7. Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan were both very definitely there, I greeted and shook hands with both of them. They did leave early, probably at the same time as the mayor, before the main speakers started, around 6:40 or so.
    Gus’ perceptions are inaccurate, again.

  8. We all make mistakes.

    In fact, not matter if your for or against the A’s – you were wrong to think it was over. YOUR money was still be used to promote the project without a PUBLIC PROCESS! (I.E. a violation of the BROWN ACT).

    George, at least Gus as agreed that his perceptions where inaccurate in that case. Have you?

  9. OK, I sat next to Harrison from 7-9, but cannot account for his time before or after that. Having zero interest in the rally, I had no idea what time it happened.

  10. Sheesh – you threw FREE food on the table and ONLY got 200-300 folks ?

    Somebody mis-fired on this one – – –

    Let me know next time someone wants to pony up for a “free” meal offer and I’ll deliver at least triple that number of “supporters”.

    All will be guaranteed to pass the “non-business type” inspection test.

  11. I saw some pics a coworker took at the rally and there were definitely over 300 people there. I was told that there were about a half dozen “Stay in Oakland” advocates and about 10 Fremont NIMBYs. No word on what motivated them, but I guess it must have been more nobel than spaghetti.

  12. Interesting, Matt – LaCuesta on Channel 2 said only 200 attendees at the Chamber’s fest. From what I hear from those who were there and what I see on tape of the event, a fairly large percentage of those present were children. Of course, you always under-estimated the numbers at FCN rallies last year. Kinda shows the level of commitment between folks who show up for free food indoors and those who show up outside in the rain simply because they know they’re doing what’s right.

  13. Lifer, over a thrid of the attendants at last years FCN rallies were children. Parents were propping their kids in front of the cameras with the same shamelessness of child pageant mothers.

  14. And, Lifer. We all know exactly who you’re responding to. No use in veiling it in a response to Matt.

  15. Anu Natarajan attended a pro A’s stadium rally…she indicated she was going to fully evaluate the stadium proposal before making a decision on the stadium. So much for being objective Anu. If this comes to a council vote they got Five votes: Harrison, Susan(Dutra) Chan, Anu, Wiekoski, and Mayor Backpocket Wasserman.

    In regards to rally attendance it is irrelevant at this point. I suspect more than half went for the free food and drink, I would have gone had I known.

    If the council does try to shoe-horn a stadium through, there will be a massive drawnout legal fight to stop it. Wasserman will be on his back looking at the roots of grass and flowers before his personal dream is ever realized.

  16. What legal basis, JMoose? You cant sue for getting your feelings hurt.

  17. Whether you’e Pro-A’s or No-A’s, this is an interesting read:


    From the article:
    “Eleven years later, the A’s boll weevil ownership keeps looking for a new home, the team’s roster has had more face lifts than Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller combined, and, predictably, community involvement has suffered.”

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