An argument against medical cannabis

More details are emerging about the Logan High School students who fell ill after eating brownies laced with narcotics. At first, it was thought that a Cesar Chavez Middle School student had also gotten sick from eating one of the brownies, but, according to the Chron,  it turned out to be something else:

A boy at Cesar Chavez Middle School in Union City also showed signs last week of being under the influence, La Plante said. However, officials determined that his mother had bought a brownie from a medical cannabis club and shared it with her son.

Matt Artz


  1. I have seen an entire party turn into a post-koolaid Jonestown after the attendants ate brownies. From my experience, people have a much more intense reaction when they eat marijuana more on par with ecstasy.

  2. so if i get sick from eating a bad banana, is that an argument against bananas?

    on the other hand, if you wanna argue that kids smoking cigarettes is an argument against cigarettes, or that this blog entry is an argument against smug headlines, then i’m all with ya (forgive me matt… i couldn’t resist that one)

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