Footage of NUMMI union fracas

The man behind the microphone is Javier Contreras of the UAW. This is from Sunday’s UAW meeting, to which Fremont police had to be called out to keep the peace.

Matt Artz


  1. I cant help but notice the powerlessness each of those workers have. No matter how extraordinary, intelligent and capable you are as an individual, unions rise and fall together, that’s for sure.

  2. It just goes to show we are all feeling the pressures of our future at N.U.M.M.I And the human side of all of us has a breaking point, no matter what position we hold “Leader or Member”we all play a part to how we will get through these trying times. I was at this meeting and the division in our union was apparent, but what shocked me the most was how Sergio Santos our “President” showed no leadership skills the only thing he could do is tell people to get the hell out of his union hall, as he felt secure surrounded by his thugs…..You are no Leader Sergio and you should be asshamed of yourself for calling yourself one!

  3. Thanks Vic! I was the one Sergio attempted to kick out of “his” union hall at the November meeting. It was simply because requested details on the progress of severence negotiations. We want reprsentation!

  4. I feel heartbroken for all union members. I know the feeling of insecurity.

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