Fremont Citizens Network to run two City Council candidates

FCN sent out a press release at 4:38 a.m. announcing that in light of the city romancing he A’s again, it will run two “highly organized and well-funded candidates” in the November City Council race. Although he wasn’t mentioned by name, you’d figure one of them will be Vinnie Bacon.

Posting PDFs is still a challenge for me. Below is the text of the announcement:

Fremont, CA (Jan. 25, 2010) – The Fremont Citizens Network (FCN), a fast-growing grass roots organization (www.fremontcitizensnetwork.org), created as a forum to foster education, debate, and discussion about City-wide issues, announced a development that will change politics-as-usual in Fremont.
FCN President Kathy McDonald explained: “In light of recent events, including the City’s surprise expenditure of $100,000 of our tax dollars to prepare a sales pitch for Major League Baseball; the proposed near-quadrupling of the Redevelopment Fund cap during this historic recession; and the lack of proactive and comprehensive economic development outreach to the business community, we have concluded our efforts for City-wide reform will be more efficiently accomplished by directly engaging in the political process.”
By consensus, the leadership of the Fremont Citizens Network has decided to run two highly-organized and well-funded candidates for this Fall’s City Council elections.
“This will be the first time, in a long time, that Fremont will have viable candidates who will not blindly vote with the Mayor,” stated Mrs. McDonald.
The “talk on the streets” and blogs has also included the possibility of FCN placing an alternative land use proposal on the Fall ballot. If true, this would certainly shake up what many have complained about for years – that of an entrenched political machine, not serving the interests of ordinary Fremont citizens very well, according to the very diverse people of FCN.
Jan. 25, 2010
The Fremont Citizens Network Steering Committee also announced it will continue to provide further documentation of several interrelated issues of vital importance to Fremont residents and taxpayers. FCN leadership has said it will reveal exactly how the government of Fremont prioritizes the spending of citizens’ tax dollars, promoting indiscriminate development, and diverting property taxes to the mysterious Redevelopment Fund. They, and others have feared this fund is often overused to essentially create “pet projects” for the City Council at the expense of services to residents and schools. In addition, FCN will post on its website (www.fremontcitizensnetwork.org) current academic research on the economics of sports stadiums built across the U.S. to expose the economic burden that they have become to their host cities.
“The City would prefer these facts get glossed over with a lot of fluff and hoopla that they think sells, but the increasingly inquisitive citizens of Fremont are wising up fast,” said Glenn Lee, FCN’s VP of Communications. “We hope the media will stay tuned for all the facts that follow the fluff,” he added.
Fremont Citizens Network is actively encouraging all interested parties to follow the fact-finding and lively discussions at www.fremontcitizensnetwork.org, and ENGAGE!
NOTE TO PRESS: To arrange for an interview with FCN Pres. Kathy McDonald,
Contact: Janet FitzGerald, FCN
Tel: 510.252.1995 or Cell: 203.253.1635
Email: FremontCitizensNetwork@gmail.com

Matt Artz


  1. It’s an interesting point – – – particularly in light of yet another manufacturer moving to an East Bay location.


    So many have asked the question “If NOT the stadium – then what else will we do ?” So many have generalized that manufacturing is “dead” – – – yet Livermore staff seem to have considerable success in proving such anecdotes wrong.

    Oh – and, it wasn’t a stadeeumm that attracted those businesses to Livermore – – – (could it possibly be the prospect of a stadeeumm that caused some to NOT consider our city ?)

    Isn’t this ANOTHER example of how a stadium potentially diverts economic (and other) resources ?

    We’re busy putting together a “concept” for something that *might* be a reality in the distant future. Other communities are busy attracting successful businesses – – – NOW.

    Quick – who’s got their 12C handy ??? Gimme a quick PV calculation on the stadium a few years from now discounted by the relative uncertainty of those projections versus the PV of todays’ business operating in our community – today.


  2. Christ, the community college-quality prose and fragmented nonsensical theme of that entire press release should have all of Fremont concerned about installing a candidate backed selfish temper prone children.

  3. Regarding Marty’s statement above:

    “The City would prefer these facts get glossed over with a lot of fluff and hoopla that they think sells, but the increasingly inquisitive citizens of Fremont are wising up fast,” said Glenn Lee, FCN’s VP of Communications. “We hope the media will stay tuned for all the facts that follow the fluff,”.

    Who has a “fragmented nonsensical theme” Marty?

    Has anyone heard the old saying: “the pot calling the kettle black”!

  4. Re: Business in Fremont:

    From today’s Business section of the Argus. These companies have disclosed plans to relocate in Livermore. Number indicates the square footage at new location.

    Bridgelux Inc. – 120,000 sq. ft. (moving from Sunnyvale)
    JLA Inc. – 610,000 sq. ft.
    Wiley X Inc. – 47,000 sq. ft.
    Enray Inc. – 20,000 sq. ft. (moving from Union City)
    Admedes – 18,000 sq. ft.

    They represent a diverse business mix; manufacturing (home furnishings, LED lighting, sunglasses and medical equipment) and organic foods provider.

    All of these companies are currently small, but obviously with expansion plans in mind.

    This raises questions. Who is handling the Economic Development Manager’s spot vacated by Daren Fields departue? Did any of these companies consider Fremont? Did anyone with COF talk with them about locating in Fremont?

  5. VOR, regarding: “Who is handling the Economic Development Manager’s spot vacated by Daren Fields departue?”

    It’s currently Lori Taylor who worked under Daren, who was thrown in front of the spot light at the special council meeting on the A’s (announce at the last minute). She was there, presumably, to do what she did; defend the City from looking like they were not bargaining in good faith to save NUMMI – while working behind the scenes to do just that.

    I felt sorry to see Lori up there defending Fred Diaz’s grand design. She is one of the few people who new about the “snow job” of rezoning the industrial lands in PC.

  6. Oh, goodness ANON101, you didnt need to reach outside the boundaries of the original message – –

    “..the community college-quality prose and fragmented nonsensical theme ..”

    “..installing a candidate backed selfish temper prone children.”

    Ummmmmm, R I G H T . . haven’t seen too many public officials “installed” lately.

    But, of course, this is arguably only a very minor grammatical mis-step in relation to the more serious omission of a critical preposition.

  7. My concern is that the A’s proposal was such a time consuming and time sensitive assignment for staff that other possible business opportunities could not be explored due to staff commitment.

    The Livermore slogan on their website is, “There’s more here.” They have a point; a downtown, a cinema complex, a couple of golf courses, an airport, a long list of wineries….You get the idea.

    There are a significant number of Fremonters that have taken up residence over the hill.

  8. Actually, it wasn’t that long ago (last February, I believe) that Lisa Quan was “installed” on the Planning Commission by our illustrious Mayor, who chose her over another candidate who had graduate degrees in transportation and city planning. I wonder what Ms. Quan brought to the table . . . oh, right – she has Le Grand Diplome in Cuisine and Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.


  9. You’re right, VOR, particularly since the Mayor went out of his way at the Council meeting to thank staff for their time and OVERTIME working on the project.

    Some Fremonters still want to stay here and try to make Fremont a better place. Granted, it’s like pushing water up-hill, but we’re trying. We can use all the help we can get.


  10. Even though I’d be amused to say the least if the FCN backed candidates were rejected, I’d at least like a focused campaign from them so that Fremont voters have some basis to tailor their stadium referendum vote on. It would make my ‘told you so’ moment so much more satisfying.

    But I’m sorry, this statement reads like it was written by a bitter child coming off of a temper tantrum, and I can see why – the COF gov just gave their effort a major shafting with Diaz’s proposal. But let’s be honest. There is not one person outside the FCN choir who identifies with this press release. It may have been therapeutic for the writers, but it is still a very poor effort as far as effecting their ultimate goal, unless that goal is to come off as cranky old NIMBYs

  11. Does anybody want to speculate on what this could do to the existing field?

    Mystery Candidate

    An interesting possibility: what if Shah becomes that mystery candidate? He has been very vocal on wanting to reign in the unchecked residential development. Unless, the FCN absolutely wants to pick from within their own ranks so they have a candidate under their control. That would make them no better than all the developers who do the same thing. Elected officials should be decided by the people, not necessarily the organizations who support them. I do believe Councilwoman Natarajan will be running again. She has no reason not to. A 6 candidate field this far ahead of the election for a year that 2 incumbents will probably be re-running. How interesting.

  12. Finally some fresh air!! Things have been so rotten here in Fremont for tooooooooo long!

  13. 2Cents – If it’s the same Bill Harrison, the top three names you have listed in #11 are all members of the Fremont Citizen’s Network according to their web site. Add Mystery Candidate and that makes four! Looks like we have a quorum.

  14. Far from a quorum. Harrison is pro-A’s, and Ishan is open to the idea. The best the FCN can hope for is to install a lone anti-development spokeshole on the council with a Bacon victory.

  15. Natarajan in the Indian community and Susan Chan in the Chinese community have been huge dissapointments and community sellouts. The community is sick and tired of closed door politics and not being respected. Fremont Council Members, you saw what happened in Massachusetts, guess what you are NEXT!

  16. FCN is a community of residents who want to make Fremont a better place to live.
    I think it is great for residents of Fremont to get involved with the city of Fremont.
    People who disagree with FCN should organize there own group and get involved with Fremonts future instead of sitting on the sidelines bad mouthing those who do!
    Marty has a real problem with people getting active in the future of Fremont, which begs the
    question “Who is marty”

  17. Skumar, your most recent post, #15, is so non-specific that it begs the question, what were council members Natarajan and Chan supposed to do for the Indian and Chinese communities? Are they to give preferential treatment or attention? They were elected to serve all the citizens of Fremont and treat all in an equal manner. Please provide additional information to validate your claim.

  18. With all respect VOR, Skumar is pretty clear about why the Indian and Chinese community are not happy with Anu and Susan;

    “The community is sick and tired of closed door politics and not being respected”.

  19. Further VOR: do you really believe that the way Anu and Susan have performed as if ” They were elected to serve all the citizens of Fremont and treat all in an equal manner.”


  20. Finally VOR: that’s like saying that Fred Diaz believes in an transparent public process.

    Or that Mary cares about the public process; could this be clue F-Bill about who “Marty” is?

  21. Getting back to the big picture, isn’t it interesting that:

    1) Fremont has no real City Hall; staff has been working out of two regular office building locations since closing the last one down years ago.

    2) The “new” Police building in not earth-quake safe, and will take untold tens millions dollars to fix

    3) Police do not respond to all burglar alarms: and the City had to pay for a Court Case to defend Fred Diaz against charges that he violated the BROWN ACT in how he spoke to all Council persons privately.

    4) City staff are TOTALLY demoralized by Fred Diaz’s power games – and how he has let incompetent staff – like himself – prevail. And,

    5) That Mr. Diaz has managed to split the City of Fremont, again, over the A’s!

    Go FCN!

  22. Anon101, could we at least get clarification on what “being respected” means? Is that on a personal level?

  23. Fair enough VOR: to me the answer to your question can be best summed up with the use of one word by the Mayor after the WS protests: “MOB.”

  24. In all fairness Anon that was the mayor speaking, not the two council members. We need to have Sukmar provide his/her own answer.

  25. Skumar can certainly respond for him/herself. However, the other City Council members never did make any statements to distance themselves from or repudiate the Mayor’s “mob” comment. Silence equals consent.

  26. I agree. I doubt that Ishan meant to be the race candidate, but it may be an advantage he has. Natarajan has been a huge disappointment to myself personally. The jury is still out on chan. She needs backup before she can start doing the things she talked about in 08. As for being a member on the FCN website, I’m not sure that constitutes an affiliation. Bill Harrison wouldn’t be caught dead pledging allegiance to the FCN if he plans on running for mayor soon.

    I think that the addition of the mystery man or woman will dash Shah’s chances. A Bacon-Mystery pairing will run as one ticket. People who vote for one will likely vote for both. The same applies to Natarajan-Harrison. It looks like Fremont has developed its very own party system.

  27. 2cents: If you really think that “The jury is still out on chan” than you really must not care about public process!

    Chan is just a guilty as all the others and the Mayor and Manager when it comes to doing business behind closed doors.

    Is there no end to these people who just don’t get this?

  28. Anon, I have a feeling you just lumped me into the “these people” category and I take exception to that.

    What I get is that statements and claims can be made, but they must be supported with facts. Blogs do both service and disservice. They allow anyone using an alias to post comments that may or may not be true. As is said about news reports, don’t believe everything you read.

    I have my own thoughts about the two council members, but I will keep them between me and the ballot box, which is where it counts.

  29. So what unreliable, self serving council member shall we boot out of the city council? I think all citizens of this country need to get more involved in their local, state and federal government operations.

    We’re being led on the path of communism…actually we’re very near there. We flood this country with dependent people. We must STOP all legal and illegal immigration.

  30. We spend more time walking away from the foundation of our constitution and the base from which the country was founded. People run the government not government running people, too many “politicians” and “lawyers” trying to run government. I am sure my next door neighbor can do a better job than what we have now, in fact that is what our government is about the ordinary citizen such as Jefferson, Adams, Hancock and so on!
    Fremont City Council are very Arrogant and self praised for creating a mess but because we as ordinary tax payers, whether it is home, gas and or goods taxed we do nothing but complain as our city go down the drain! I support the ordinary man/woman who runs no more “politicians”. Endorse everyone than isn’t a politician or click member!

  31. Is MLB now waiting until after the election in November – to release their report? Abd,if so, why?

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