Fremont school board looks at budget cuts

The district staff is recommending the board cut at least $16 million from next year’s budget and has prepared a report listing areas that the board could cut to save a total of $22 million. Tonight will be discussion only. The board isn’t scheduled to vote on the cuts until next month, at the earliest. For today’s article, click here.

I should clarify tonight’s timeline, as it wasn’t clear in the article:

Around 5:30/5:45 p.m.: teachers will gather to rally against cuts

6 p.m.: The public can address the board before it heads into closed session to discuss negotiations with employee groups. Some teachers plan to speak at this time.

6:30 p.m.: Regular meeting will start. The public will have another opportunity to address the board at this time. Teachers again plan to speak.

To read the district staff report, including the areas of possible cuts, click here.

Linh Tat


  1. It is one sad litany… according to the pdf it makes more sense (financially) to go to 30:1 for K-3 and pay the state penalty for failing to adhere to the law. The report is one sad statement after another… cutting adult education, cutting bus routes, cutting routine maintenance, cutting teachers, cutting librarians, cutting counselors. I don’t think there is any way to recover from this. RIP California education.

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