Stark and Lockyer like older men, each other

Got this nugget from our super thorough political blog.

Rep. Pete Stark’s wife, Deborah Stark, is supporting State Treasurer Bill Lockyer’s wife, Nadia Lockyer for County Supervisor.

The blog post includes this tidbit:

The news release delves deeper into both women’s professional bona fides, but doesn’t mention that Lockyer, 38, is the wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, 68, or that Stark, 43, is the wife of Rep. Pete Stark, 78.

But the blogger/reporter also notes that both women are accomplished in their own right, and questions whether reporters should draw attention to their powerful and older husbands.

Matt Artz


  1. Odd isn’t it. Stark and Lockyer, both solid in their support of women’s rights and womens value in society.
    Womens value at all stages of their life.

    Yet I suppose its just chance they end up with women 30 to 36 years younger. Probably were dating lots of 55 and 65 year old women at the same time, but just found they hand more in common with those they married.

    Then we wonder and complain as to why TV stations always bring in younger anchorwomen.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they love their spouses, but there is just something about this.
    I know, its probably not politically correct to even make note of it, yet we all make note of it.

    And now we are expected to give some attention to whom we vote for because of who they are married to.
    Or are you suggesting Ms. Locker would be getting all these endorsements even if she wasn’t married to Bill Lockyer?

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