Yee brings in more cash

State Assembly canddiate Garrett Yee announced this morning that he has so far raised a total of $182,449 from about 380 donors for his Assembly campaign against Fremont Councilmember Bob Wieckowski.

Last filing period, which ran from Jan. through June of 09, Yee received a little over $111,000, including a $26,000 loan.

That was more than Wieckowski raised. Still waiting to get Wieckowski’s latest numbers.

I think the filing deadline for reporting July – December 2009 contributions is Jan 31. Contributions are a big deal because party bosses want people in Sacramento who have shown they know how to raise cash.

Matt Artz


  1. In the interest of fairness, I am now sharing the email that I sent to Matt Artz for readers who may be interested in seeing both sides of the story (this is copy/paste from the email I wrote):

    I saw Garret Yee’s announcement and have had a chance to take a look at his expenditures and cash on hand… and while I don’t have Bob’s final numbers (they are due at the end of the month), you can expect the report to show that the numbers are similar.

    Bob is in a strong position to become the area’s next Assemblymember. With equitable cash reserves between the candidates, Bob Wieckowski has a clear advantage in this campaign since he is already known by more than half the district as a local leader with a record of creating jobs and balancing budgets.

  2. On the other hand, why would Democratic party bosses in Sacramento support a turn-coat Republican for AD20? I hardly think Wieckowski has to worry about that, no matter how much his opponent has raised.

  3. OK, I’ll bite. What jobs has Bob Wieckowski created here in town? I’m not saying he hasn’t, I’d just like to know the specifics on this.

    On the budget question, the city always balances budgets by cutting jobs and services. How is that a good thing?

  4. “…. known by more than half the district as a local leader with a record of creating jobs and balancing budgets.”

    Wait – how many accounts has Bobbie W sold on a move to fremont of late ?

    (see Livermore as an example of R E S U L T S on this question)

    Can “balance a budget” but hasn’t been able to figure out how to bill and collect fines levied in Fremont ?

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