At least Fremont isn’t trying to get exhibition baseball

Good story in the New York Times about cities in Florida and Arizona bending over to attract teams for spring training.

I’m watching the Planning Commission online. Not fun.

For the last half hour Dominic Dutra and the prospective owner of a Centerville nursery school have argued that the school wouldn’t burden neighbors.

Now it’s time for Jack Rogers and a whole lot of Glenmoor Gardens residents, many of whom are well passed their child-raising years.

Planning Commissioner Richard King noted that he Rogers and Planning Commission Chairman all belong to the same rotary club. (Niles Rotary, the most powerful one) To which Sharma said that Dominic Dutra has been very close to him for longer than Rogers. 

But he thinks he and Commissioner King can still be unbiased. One would hope so.

Sharma seems like a sweetheart, but he’s making me appreciate Wasserman. People are rambling on and on.

The Glenmoor people are making an impressive presentation. Jack Rogers showed a video of it taking one car more than 30 seconds to make a right turn from Mattos onto Fremont Boulevard. They’re also punching a lot of holes in the staff report, and none of the city planners are bothering to reply.

This is like watching Monday Night Football back east. I’m curious to see how this will turn out, but I’d rather go to bed. Good night.

I can’t sleep when the planning commission is debating. Dutra gave a good presentation. Two votes against the school

Matt Artz