A’s to San Jose Column

Mercury News Columnist Mark Purdy writes about the A’s stadium woes today


Here is the pertinent part:

Because here is a piece of the puzzle that no one seems to be considering: If Selig should announce, after perusing the Blue-Ribboners’ information, that Wolff should instead pursue a Fremont ballpark option, Wolff does not have to do it. Baseball can’t force Wolff to build a ballpark anywhere. It can only tell him where he cannot build a ballpark.

This matters. Wolff is not going to go through the Oakland or Fremont circus again. Within the past few months, both cities have offered up “new” sites and plans for the A’s. But the “new” Fremont site is hot air trapped inside a smoky mirror. The proposed land for the site is part of the soon-to-be-defunct NUMMI plant — yet Fremont politicians did not even contact NUMMI officials before making their big announcement. Meanwhile, a Fremont citizens group is angry about the proposal’s reported $65 million cost to build ballpark infrastructure.

Two things:

1) Fremont did talk to NUMMI about the land. Fred Diaz said NUMMI didn’t respond positively or negatively, but city leaders sure do seem confident they can buy it.
2) Fremont still has the potential carrot for the A’s and Cisco and rezoning the land near Pacific Commons for the village part of the ballpark village. That might be the incentive they need to hop back on the headless mechanical bull that is Fremont stadium politics.

Matt Artz