Fremont Planning Commission votes against Day Care/Nursery School Project

In the end — which was about 11:30 p.m. — the Planning Commission voted 5-0 not to grant a conditional use permit for the owner to set up a preschool at the corner of Mattos Drive and Fremont Boulevard.

Dominic Dutra said during the meeting that he’d appeal if that was the result, so I’m guessing it’ll go to the council.

It was an interesting battle that went on so long it became tedious.

Working in Centerville has made me realize just what a pain it is to make a left onto Fremont Boulevard and how slow traffic moves southbound on Fremont shortly after 2 p.m. when Centerville Middle School lets out.

But the prospective business owner has bought her building and paid $50k toward getting her permits, and now her project is at risk mainly because she’s providing two few parking spaces.

In the face of all the Glenmoor residents who showed up to oppose the school, I’m surprised that Dutra didn’t trot out some of the school owner’s present day care customers, or some fresh faced young parents. Most of the opponents were a little long in tooth.

Of the five Planning Commissioners able to vote — Dirk Lorenz owns nearby property and David Bonaccorsi represents the Dutras — only one has a child under 10.

Matt Artz


  1. Just illustrates what we already know about businesses who try to come to Fremont.

    If you’re Major League Baseball, the city will unilaterally choose to spend $100,000 of our tax money to try to lure you into town.

    If you’re a small businessperson, you sink $50,000 of your own money into permits and the city jerks you around.

    As unfair as it may be, we should all send these day care applicants a big thank you note for single-handedly making up one half of the city’s expenditure for the city’s valentine to MLB.

    I hear some southern towns make their money off speed traps. I guess Fremont’s found another way.

  2. This is what happens when the lines get blurred between residential and commercial zoning. Drive south on Fremont Blvd. from Central Ave. to Mowry Blvd. and you will see many old homes that are now commercial ventures. Turn right on Mattos and you are immediately in a residential neighborhood.

    Logic would dictate if the address is on Fremont Blvd. its commercial. If its on Mattos its residential.

  3. The subject property is zoned commercial office, as the current use of residential is non-conforming. It was rezoned years ago. A real estate office, insurance office or similar business to those located in other “homes” along Fremont Blvd could go in without problem. A daycare of over 14 students requires a conditional use permit. The one proposed was for 65 students.

  4. Commercial office is certainly different than educational/child care when it comes to traffic count. I’m not sure how many vehicle stops are made each day at real estate or insurance offices, but this use would mean up to 65 vehicle stops each morning and again each afternoon, five days a week. That seems significant regardless of circular drives or dedicated parking spots.

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