Fremont school board looks at budget cuts

The district staff is recommending the board cut at least $16 million from next year’s budget and has prepared a report listing areas that the board could cut to save a total of $22 million. Tonight will be discussion only. The board isn’t scheduled to vote on the cuts until next month, at the earliest. For today’s article, click here.

I should clarify tonight’s timeline, as it wasn’t clear in the article:

Around 5:30/5:45 p.m.: teachers will gather to rally against cuts

6 p.m.: The public can address the board before it heads into closed session to discuss negotiations with employee groups. Some teachers plan to speak at this time.

6:30 p.m.: Regular meeting will start. The public will have another opportunity to address the board at this time. Teachers again plan to speak.

To read the district staff report, including the areas of possible cuts, click here.


Mission Post Office brought in more moolah than Niles

The U.S. Postal service has spared the Mission San Jose Post Office, but is still considering closing the one in Niles. Yesterday they gave me comparisons that show the Mission branch bringing in a lot more money. Here’s a quick breakdown for 2009:

Revenue: $369,592
Expenses: $215,746
Net income $153,846

Mission San Jose
Income: $734,946
Expenses: $267,198
Net income: $467,748

More detailed information can be found below, including info on the two Hayward branches taken off the closure list, when you click where it says to click Continue Reading


An argument against medical cannabis

More details are emerging about the Logan High School students who fell ill after eating brownies laced with narcotics. At first, it was thought that a Cesar Chavez Middle School student had also gotten sick from eating one of the brownies, but, according to the Chron,  it turned out to be something else:

A boy at Cesar Chavez Middle School in Union City also showed signs last week of being under the influence, La Plante said. However, officials determined that his mother had bought a brownie from a medical cannabis club and shared it with her son.


Fremont Citizens Network to run two City Council candidates

FCN sent out a press release at 4:38 a.m. announcing that in light of the city romancing he A’s again, it will run two “highly organized and well-funded candidates” in the November City Council race. Although he wasn’t mentioned by name, you’d figure one of them will be Vinnie Bacon.

Posting PDFs is still a challenge for me. Below is the text of the announcement:

Fremont, CA (Jan. 25, 2010) – The Fremont Citizens Network (FCN), a fast-growing grass roots organization (www.fremontcitizensnetwork.org), created as a forum to foster education, debate, and discussion about City-wide issues, announced a development that will change politics-as-usual in Fremont.
FCN President Kathy McDonald explained: “In light of recent events, including the City’s surprise expenditure of $100,000 of our tax dollars to prepare a sales pitch for Major League Baseball; the proposed near-quadrupling of the Redevelopment Fund cap during this historic recession; and the lack of proactive and comprehensive economic development outreach to the business community, we have concluded our efforts for City-wide reform will be more efficiently accomplished by directly engaging in the political process.”
By consensus, the leadership of the Fremont Citizens Network has decided to run two highly-organized and well-funded candidates for this Fall’s City Council elections.
“This will be the first time, in a long time, that Fremont will have viable candidates who will not blindly vote with the Mayor,” stated Mrs. McDonald. Continue Reading


Morning News

From the cops:

Fremont police were warning stores about a burglar who who would take heaters out of their boxes and slip in a blue ray dvd player. Lo and behold, he tried to strike at Walmart yesterday. Officers arrested him on suspicion of two past counts of theft.


A’s Rally

UPDATE: Thank you VOR for the video link:

There were a lot of people at the Saddle Rack tonight. Definitely more than 200 people, maybe 300. And it wasn’t just business types.

Council members Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan were announced as being present. I didn’t actually see either of them. I did see John Dutra. I also saw a lot of free food, but for once, I abstained.

It was a pretty energetic crowd, not quite as high octane as the folks I saw last Friday night at the Saddle Rack’s Hitchin’ Post, but pretty spirited nonetheless.

The Saddle Rack isn’t kind to cell phones with no flash. But maybe you can get  a sense of the crowd from the video above. Chamber Member George Duarte speaking followed by Chamber honcho Nina Moore:


Fisticuffs at NUMMI union meeting

From the cops:

Fremont police were dispatched to the UAW Hall across from NUMMI Sunday after a fight broke out, police said. There was tension among the estimated 400 people who were at the hall for severance package negotiations. Five officers stayed at the hall. No arrests were made and the victim didn’t cooperate with the officers, police said.

There was a fight at the Echo Lounge in Ardenwood Plaza Friday night. Police found one victim on Jarvis with wounds that appeared to have been inflicted with a screwdriver. Fight appeared to be in the parking lot, according to police.

Police on Sunday caught someone, who had burglarized Thrift Town. More here: