Police respond to Open Carry incident at Fry’s

UPDATE: A man who says he was the gun carrier at Fry’s posted a comment on the blog. Here it is:

As the man that was stopped at Fry’s, I carry to protect myself and my family. I dont have the ability to carry on police officer in my pocket or on my back. i follow the letter of the law when carrying. While I felt the Fremont PD’s response was a little overboard, they handed themselves professionally and after check that my gun was unloaded, sent me on my way. A short talk about the call(they wouldnt say who called it in). the officer said had they received more information other my decription and what I was driving they most likely wouldnt have had some many officers respond.( five patrol units) As the the other note in the notes posted, the incident at Ardenwood is not even in Fremont that in Newark.

Don’t be surprised if Fry’s joins Peet’s and California Pizza Kitchen in banning people who wear their unloaded guns strapped at their hips.

Fremont police Saturday were called to Fry’s electronics after store workers spotted a shopper wearing a thigh holster, police said. The cops stopped the man while he was driving from the store. The gun strapped to his leg was unloaded, but he did have two loaded magazines attached to his belt. He told officers he is part of the Open Carry movement and officers released him.

In other cop news over the weekend:

A teenager brought a gun into the Fast and Easy Mart in Ardenwood Friday. Only this gun was probably loaded and the teen used it to get himself some cash.

On Sunday, a gun-totter robbed the  the Chevron gas station a 2020t Driscoll Road.

Meanwhile, burglars used a rock to smash the window and grab cash out of the register of the Royal Food Mart, 1602 Washington Boulevard.

Matt Artz