Repower Control, Fremont!

These words come directly from your sixth declared City Council candidate — and your third to have also ran in 2008 — Fazlur Khan.

Due the sugesstions of my friends to change the politics of Fremont to repower the control of the City Council by the citizens rather than the Developers and Special Interest.
I have decided to run for the City Council Elections of Nov, 2010. Please find the details about my Agenda and others from my website – www.YourAmericanVoice.com.

For more about Fazlur:


Matt Artz


  1. Good job Fazlur. You just decided the election by splitting the FCN-Susev vote.

  2. Woahhhhhhh timeout! Thank you so much for bringing that up Marty, I’ve been wanting to discuss the online numbers for some time now. Time for a Facebook crash course. =]

    326 Fans- This is the highest level of support. Notable figures involved in an array of endeavors will create a Facebook Official Fan Page, where members can quite literally declare themselves to being a “Fan” of whomever the page is for.

    597 Supporters- This is the Medium level of support. Normally when building momentum for a cause you create a Facebook Group in addition to your Fan page. Its an indicator you have their backing/vote, but are they going to come volunteer for you? Its iffy.

    775 Friends- No relevance to support. Your Facebook Friends are just people you’ve connected to on Facebook. People like friends, relatives, coworkers etc… Not a very good indicator at all of political support. Although it could send a clear message that you don’t like somebody if you refuse to friend them. ;]

    The number I like the most here is 1028. That’s the number of people who have joined the campaign’s effort to call for a movie theater at Pacific Commons.


    Add those up, subtract any overlaps they may have, and you’ll have a realistic gage of the number of online supporters somebody has.

    So now thats a field of 7? Feeling the heat.

  3. Fazlur has no business running in this election. He hasn’t learnt from his past election result. His last election campaign was scary and stupid. I think I saw one of his youtube campaign video in 2008 where he was saying something like bringing Trump to build high-rise buildings on the bay, covering all the open spaces with solar panels and other nonsense ideas. Cerebrally speaking, I feel he is in some surreal zone or something. Just listen to him and you decide. If Fremonters vote for this guy, we pretty much deserve the worst. Watch this and tell me you really want to vote for this guy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT5RmNUsAPA

    And regarding the FaceBook statistics, who cares. It is the people who show up to vote that matter. Not some kids who have FaceBook accounts that want a movie theatre in Fremont. I am not even sure how many of Ishan’s or Fazlur’s friends/fans on Facebook are really Fremont voters.

  4. I agree Fazlur is quirky to say the least.

    I disagree with you regarding facebook. Facebook to me seems like a place people can share ideas. I’m no expert but 1000 people in support of an idea, regardless of where they’re from or what age they are, says something about the idea and its organizers. What we forget is that you don’t have to be 18 to go spend your money. I think Ishan has got that down, he should underscore it so people like Ringo actually get it. Personally, I’m all for it. The kids had a great idea. The A’s aren’t using the land and it would be a darn good stimulus for the surrounding restaurants.

    But, I wouldn’t put too much weight in online, or any other type for that matter, data come election day. No amount of polling in the world is 100 percent accurate, regardless of what it measures. Its going to be up to the candidates to get their supporters to care and to go to the polls.

    He’s 17 Ringo. If he comes on here and posts how many people support him and his ideas, who are you to tell him that he and all those other facebook users don’t matter at all? That’s over 1000 people you seemed to have written off. To me the fact that they may not even be Fremont voters strengthens Fazlur’s and Ishan’s respective cases. They have ideas that span borders. Sure Fazlur is a bit out there, but he dreams big.

    Matt when will you begin profiling these candidates? It seems some of us could use some information.

  5. Hi All,
    Thanks all for the participation in a lively conversation, it shows the intense interest for the development of our great city and the community. No city has such a wonderful location,we have to utilize the goldmine land near and around future BART Station for the Smartest Green City to fill the loss of NUMMI 4700 jobs and create atleast 1200 jobs. We have intelligent, hardworking and innovative pople – let us join hands to make Fremont Economically Vibrant and Green City by repowering the City Council with people’s power not land grabering developers like the A’s and special interest groups. LET US CHANGE FREMONT!.

  6. 2cents,
    I am not sure what you are hot about. Where did I write anyone off? I am just a puny old guy. All I said and I stand by my statement is that what matters is people need to vote at the polls on election day. Facebook popularity does not translate to real votes. It is not a hit against Ishan, but in general comparing FaceBook stats between Ishan and Fazlur is not a good measure. And it seems that you agree about that since you said you wouldn’t put too much weight in online stats. So there, we are square.

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